The LoveCrave – “Soul Saliva” (2010)


Label : Repo Records/Metropolis

Review by Tony Cannella

The Lovecrave are a Gothic Rock band from Italy. Their debut, “The Angel and the Rain” was released in 2006, now the band are back with their second offering, “Soul Saliva”. The Lovecrave combine a metal style with Gothic Rock and pop to create a pretty potent combination, that mixes together quite well. Francesca Chiara is the lead singer and although she may not be technically the greatest singer you will ever hear, still her voice is loaded with attitude, sexiness and has a very like-able quality to it. “Soul Saliva” features 10-songs and a playing time of 45-minutes worth of highly melodic, Gothic music with both metal and pop elements present. “The Other You” begins with a spoken word intro by Francesca and then quickly develops into a frenetic opener. A great chorus and melody really help to make this one a strong opener – some cool orchestration is also present on the chorus. “And Scream” is next and continues in the vein of the previous track. The third track, “Warriors” quickly became a favorite- and the band earned high marks for their little tribute to the great movie of the same name at the end of the song (fans of the movie, “The Warriors” will know what I’m talking about). “Soul Saliva”, features one interesting cover, The Lovecrave have decided to cover the Michael Jackson track, “Thriller”. It is totally done in The Lovecrave‘s own style, and although I approached this one with caution, the band quickly won me over with their take on the track, this is indeed another highlight, albeit a surprising one. “Your Fire”, the ballad “Leon’s Lullaby” and “TruBlood” are more songs that come highly recommended. “Soul Saliva” is a pretty good second outing from The Lovecrave. The songs and the musical direction help to make “Soul Saliva” a pretty intriguing and entertaining listen.

Rating – 83/100



  1. The Other You
  2. And Scream
  3. Warriors
  4. Fade
  5. Get Outta Here
  6. Thriller
  7. Your Fire
  8. Leon’s Lullaby
  9. TruBlood
  10. Outsider


Line Up

  • Francesca Chiara – Vocals
  • Tank Palamara – Guitars
  • Simon Dredo – Bass
  • Bob Machine – Drums



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