The Mantra Above The Spotless Moon (The Mantra ATSMM) – “Defeated Songs” (2010)


Label : Rare Noise Records

Review by Luisa Mercier

In May 2010 The Mantra ATSMM finally released their debut after all the expectations built up by their promising EP “Rooms”. The full-length succeded in getting raving reviews both in Italy and abroad, confirming the band as one of the most important post-rock realities in a country where this genre is almost unknown. “Defeated Song” is a sophisticated, elegant, classy record opened by “Golden Mermaids”. This already is one of the highlights of the album and is opened by guitars and vocals, the voice of Adriana, a disturbed angel. The first single is the following “Septembers”, a bit more lively than the previous one, playful but always with a vein of melancholy. Last verses are in Italian. Again sad and nostalgic is “Mangrove” with a hint of electronics in the end. Adriana performance is quite emotional here, mixed with piano and synth. My personal favourite is “Blanca”, maybe one of the most complex songs on the album, but really you can perceive the vibration of every instrument, the quiet, the sadness, the sweetness. There are many emotions in this track, all to be discovered. Gothic, romantic mood is what we find in “Rooms” and it goes on the same atmosphere in “The Inner Season” which is decadent, gloomy, dissonant, while closing track “Lines of Fire Bless The Mountain” is warm, sweet, romantic. It is sad to see such a talented Italian band forced to find success abroad, but we Italians know how the scene works here, so I am happy that they found someone able to appreciate them in England (their label).

Rating – 70/100



  1. Golden Mermaids
  2. Septembers
  3. Mangrove
  4. Defeatd Song
  5. Blanca
  6. Clouds
  7. Mare (Not Land)
  8. Rooms
  9. The Inner Season
  10. Lines of Fire Bless Mountain


Line Up

  • Adriana Salomone- Vocals, piano & guitar
  • Maurizio Oliviero – Guitar
  • Davide Famularo – Bass & synth
  • Salvio Sibillo – Drums



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