The Mantra Above The Spotless Moon (The Mantra ATSMM) – “Rooms” EP (2009)


Label : Rare Noise Records

Review by Luisa Mercier

The Mantra ATSMM is an Italian post-rock act from Naples. They have already released two albums and this is their debut EP, which was recorded back in 2009. In this record we find a foundation made of minimal rock enriched by moody electronic atmospheres that recall Sigur Ros, Bjork and The Gathering (the “How to Measure a Planet” age). The four tracks show personality and a talent that the good production highlight as best as it can. I will mention above all the opener “Helder Pedro Moreira” in which we can perceive the strong influence of the Icelandic little singer in the ethereal, floating atmosphere. “Rooms” is a quiet track, dreamy and very short that introduces “The Fog” which has some similiraties with trip-hop, especially Portishead. It is mesmerizing, that is for sure. Closing track “A Friend with a Knife” is opened by some whispers and Adriana singing a capella. Dissonance, screaming, despair make this song quite gloomy. This EP marked the beginning of an interesting career for this Italian band as we will analyze further with their two full lenghts. Really a pleasant surprise coming from my country!

Rating – 70/100



  1. Helder Pedro Moreira
  2. Rooms
  3. The Fog
  4. Friend with a Knife


Line Up

  • Adriana Salomone – Vocals, piano & guitar
  • Maurizio Oliviero – Guitar
  • Davide “Hope” Famularo – Synth & bass
  • Salvio Sibillo – Drums



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