The Mariana Hollow – “Come Heart” (2009)


Label : Trieste Records/Plastic Head Distribution

Review By Tony Cannella

From London, comes the alternative/modern metal band The Mariana Hollow. Their debut album “Coma Heart” is out now and features 7-songs and only 37-minutes worth of music but throughout the duration of the CD the band offers the listener something a little different than the usual operatic or classical female metal vocals.The songs have a dark, melancholic quality to them that is undeniable.“Come Undone” get things going and right away it is easy to see the uniqueness of vocalist Rebecca Spinks. She has a good vocal range and a lot of ability that comes through and her voice can be quite atmospheric at times. The opening track is a good indication of this. Other highlights include: “Enemy Lines”, “Fires Go Out” and “Coma Heart”. The final track “As the Dust Settles” in particular is a huge highlight featuring some changes in tempo and some great vocals by Rebecca. Overall, I was quite impressed with The Mariana Hollow. On “Coma Heart”, the band presents a dark and unique voice in the realm of female fronted metal.

Rating – 87/100



  1. Come Undone
  2. Enemy Lines
  3. Fires Go Out
  4. Coma Heart
  5. Final Call
  6. Paperplane
  7. As the Dust Settles 

Line Up
  • Rebecca Spinks – Vocals
  • Danny Russell – Lead Guitar
  • Richie Walden – Rhythm Guitar
  • Scott Chesworth – Bass
  • Adam Stanley – Drums


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