The Mary Major – “04:13” (2009)


Label : TMM Productions

Review By Tony Cannella

Sweden’s The Mary Major feature in their ranks, Lotta Höglin who some people might recognize from her time as a member of swedish gothic metallers Beseech who released a number of pretty good albums, before (I believe) calling it a day. Her new outfit The Mary Major has just issued their debut titled “04:13”. If you’re looking for another band similar to Beseech, than you will be disappointed. Instead of the gothic stylings of her previous band, The Mary Major play heavy pop with alternative and modern rock influences seeping it’s way into the songs. “04:13” is actually a pretty darn good album, that includes 10-songs and about 41-minutes worth of some pretty cool material that has a definite accesibility factor to them. In addition to the female vocals of Lotta Höglin, The Mary Major also includes the male vocals of Erik Molarin. The vocal duties are split pretty evenly throughout the duration of the CD, with the more familiar Lotta mixing well with the mid-range to shouting style supplied by Erik. “Stage 7” is the riff heavy opener and really a catchy number that is pretty much indicative of what “04:13” has to offer. This CD does feature it’s fair share of heavy moments, as can be heard on such tracks as: “Split”, “Ambush”, “66 A.M.” (powered by an awesome, heavy opening riff) and my favorite track “Morning Sickness”. I will admit that “04:13” took me a few listens, before it started to grow on me, and realize that this is a nice solid effort that is a good introduction to these Swedes. Just don’t expect Beseech version 2.0, but if you’re up for trying something a bit different – yet still musical – than give The Mary Major a shot.

Rating – 75/100



  1. Stage 7
  2. Split
  3. Ambush
  4. Morning Sickness
  5. Settled Temptation
  6. 66 A.M.
  7. Theme of Darlene
  8. Time of Death
  9. Smuck
  10. The Moon Motel


Line Up 

  • Lotta Höglin – Vocals
  • Erik Molarin – Vocals
  • Daniel Elofsson – Guitar
  • Jörgen Ström – Bass
  • Jonas Strömberg – Drums




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