The Murder of My Sweet – “Bye Bye Lullaby” (2012)


Label : AFM Records

Review by Tony Cannella

When a band releases such a phenomenal debut, the task of coming up with a comparable follow-up can be a daunting one. Such is the position that the Swedish hard rock/metal band The Murder of My Sweet find themselves in. Their 2010 debut “Divanity” was one of the best debuts I’ve heard in a long time, since then the band has changed guitar and bass players and now they return with their sophomore effort “Bye Bye Lullaby”. First off, lead vocalist Angelica Rylin sounds as good as she did on the debut. Her vocals are wonderful throughout “Bye Bye Lullaby” and they soar on each song. “Bye Bye Lullaby” contains more killer melodies that helped make “Divanity” such a great release, starting with the heavy – yet melodic – “Armageddon”. The next track “Fallen” has a theatrical vibe to it, and “Unbreakable” has an electronica style opening, it starts off as sort of a ballad before transforming into an up-tempo song with a great melody and a memorable infectious chorus. My two favorite songs came at the very end of the album with the duo of “Black September and Phantom Pain, before that some of the highlights were I Dare You, Violently Peaceful and Resurrection. It is really not fair to compare the two albums.  The problem is, The Murder of My Sweet set the bar so incredibly high with Divanity that it would be difficult for any band to live up to those lofty expectations. Still, when taken as its own entity Bye Bye Lullaby is pretty good in its own right.

Rating – 75/100



  1. Armageddon
  2. Fallen
  3. Unbreakeble
  4. I Dare You
  5. Violently Peaceful
  6. Meant to Last Forever
  7. Idolize
  8. Kind of Lousy
  9. The One
  10. Resurrection
  11. Waiting for the 27th (Booh Prologue)
  12. Black September
  13. Phantom Pain


Line Up

  • Angelica Rylin – Vocals
  • Christopher Vetter – Guitar
  • Teddy Westlund – Bass
  • Daniel Flores – Drums



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