The Reasoning – “Adverse Chamber” (2010)


Label : Comet Music

Review by Luisa Mercier

“Adverse Camber” is the third release of the British band The Reasoning. It is quite short, about 40 minutes of music, and it is released in a context, the UK prog scene which is quite fertile. The members of The Reasoning have been or still are part of other prog bands: bass guitar player Matthew Cohen for example, was part of Magenta before he formed The Reasoning in 2005. Lead vocalist Rachel Jones married with Matthew and therefore is currently known as Rachel Cohen. The overall sound is heavier than in their previous releases; in the opener “Diamond and Leather” you can hear that the guitars are quite aggressive, the same in “The Nobody Effect” and “14” the last song, although they never step out of the rock territories. The quality of the record is very high, it is not a revolutionary album which will change forever the prog rock scene, but it is enjoyable and catchy enough to stay in your favorite music player for a while. Let us say that is a good compromise between prog madness and catchyness; all graced by the skilled vocals of Rachel.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Diamonds and Leather
  2. The Nobody Effect
  3. The Thirteenth Hour
  4. Through the Now
  5. Script-Switch Trigger
  6. 14


Line Up

  • Rachel Cohen – Vocals & percussion
  • Dylan Thompson – Vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar & mandolin
  • Matthew Cohen – Bass guitar, backing vocals, mandolin & percussion
  • Maria Owen – Vocals
  • Tony Turrel – Keyboards & backing vocals
  • Owain Roberts – Electric guitar
  • Jake Bradford-Sharp – Drums & percussion



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