The Way of Purity – “Biteback” EP (2011)


Label : Wormhole Death/Aural Music

Review by Luisa Mercier

The Way of Purity was born in 2009 in Norway. The band literally came out of nowhere and the members are part of the Animal and Earth liberation soldiers. This EP is a sort of introduction to the new full-length meant to be released later this year. This record is very short, just nine minutes, and the first song “Keep Dreaming” is almost three minutes long and it basically is a mix of death metal and metalcore while the vocals alternate between clean vocals and growl with an electronic background. “Eternal Damnation to René Descartes” is very similar to the other song with death metal moments that become really apparent in the last song “Reverse the Time”. In the new full-length, only one song among these will be included and the style will change another little bit. I am just sorry that we only get a glimpse of Tiril’s clean vocals. They seemed quite sweet to me, so I look forward to hearing more of her in the future.

Rating – 65/100



  1. Keep Dreaming
  2. Eternal Damnation to René Descartes
  3. Reverse the Time


Line Up

  • Tiril Skårdal -Vocals
  • XDeath WishX – Guitars
  • XWithoutNameX – Guitars, Vocals
  • XLostMyFaithX – Keyboards, Vocals
  • XJeffreyX – Bass
  • XWallOfDeathX – Drums



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