The Way of Purity – “Crosscore” (2010)


Label : Wormhole Death/Aural Music

Review by Tony Cannella

Okay, let’s be honest. I have no idea what to make of the Swedish melodic death metal band The Way of Purity. In press pictures the band is seen posing wearing black masks and there is not a lot of information to be found on the band. Whether or not this is intended it certainly creates an air of mystery surrounding The Way of Purity. Their debut album is titled “Crosscore” and although it includes 10-songs, the whole thing is not even 30-minutes long. Of course, the most important thing is the music and you could have the greatest image – or non image – ever, but if the songs aren’t there than it’s pointless. Pointless, The Way of Purity is not. The belligerent opener, “The 23rd Circle Breeds Pestilence” sets the tempo and atmosphere. The majority of the vocals throughout the disc are done in death metal style but occasionally The Way of Purity will utilize soft, beautiful, melodic Female vocals, like on the fourth track “The Rise of Noah” which really offers a change of pace from the frenzied aggression of the previous three. The Female vocals return at various points throughout “Crosscore”. The overall vibe is one of aggression but The Way of Purity manages to sprinkle in bits of melody to go along with the mayhem that is presented on “Crosscore”. The songs on “Crosscore” are all in the 2-3 minute range, giving the CD a “Reign In Blood” by Slayer approach and the music simply rages. The Way of Purity also throws in some interesting twists in the music that keeps the listener guessing, and thinking ‘where did that come from’ ? Due to the length (or lack there of) of “Crosscore” The Way of Purity succeeds in putting together a ferocious and fast paced Death Metal beast of an album.

Rating – 83/100



  1. The 23rd Circle Breeds Pestilence
  2. Lycanthropy
  3. Anchored to Suffocation
  4. The Rise of Noah
  5. Loyal Breakdown of Souls
  6. Sinner
  7. Egoist
  8. Deathwish
  9. Burst
  10. Pure 


Line Up

  • Tiril Skårdal -Vocals
  • XDeadGirlX – Vocals
  • XDeath WishX – Guitars
  • XWithoutNameX – Guitars, Vocals
  • XLostMyFaithX – Keyboards, Vocals
  • XJeffreyX – Bass
  • XWallOfDeathX – Drums



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