The Way of Purity – “Equate” (2012)


Label : Wormhole Death/Aural Music

Review by Luisa Mercier

The Way of Purity is a mysterious band, Supportive of The Animal Liberation Front, they are convinced that in the future animals and men must be equal and they fight for this objective. The new record “Equate” is about this subject and moreover, it denounces on of the cruellest sins of out times: speciesism. That is a theory according to which men are superior to animals and justifies acts like vivisection. After an EP, released some months ago, The Way of Purity has recorded this new full-length that keeps intact the main features of the band. It is opened by “Artwork of Nature”, a violent, very aggressive track that mixes blackish riffs, female growling vocals and a little bit of melody that makes everything more dramatic. In “Death Abound Everywhere”, death metal guitars are mixed with just a hint of electronic, quite groovy. “Eleven” showcases female clean vocals and I have to say that they are really beautiful, warm and elegant, they shine through the record and are a nice change to the usual growl. The music is lesse brutal, a bit more “symphonic”. Doubtless one of the highlights of the record. Generally, the songs are very short, but it is something I am really appreciative of, because this way you can enjoy the true essence, the brutality without getting lost into details. Quite different from the rest is “The Last Darkest Night”. I would define it a slow/mid-tempo song compared to the others (apart from the usual black metal moment) and it has an interesting bridge. My favourite, indeed. The Way of Purity have managed to write an album which is catchy, but aggressive, which delivers a message but it is able to entertain a wide audience.

Rating – 75/100



  1. Artwork of Nature
  2. Death Abound Everywhere
  3. Eleven
  4. Eternal Damnation to René Descartes
  5. Keep Dreaming
  6. For All Who Thrive Unheard
  7. The Mighty Fall 
  8. The Last Darkest Night
  9. A Time to Be So Small
  10. Lijti Crjsty 


Line Up

  • Tiril Skårdal -Vocals
  • XDeadGirlX – Vocals
  • XDeath WishX – Guitars
  • XWithoutNameX – Guitars, Vocals
  • XLostMyFaithX – Keyboards, Vocals
  • XJeffreyX – Bass
  • XWallOfDeathX – Drums



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