Thy Symphony – “Harmonizing the World” (2010)


Label : Sleazy Rider Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Thy Symphony is a symphonic power metal band from Brazil. Their debut album is titled “Harmonizing the World” and it has got a strong classical symphony vibe to it and some solid duel male/female vocals provided by Camila Senne and Allan Ortiona. First off, I really like the way the two vocal styles come together on “Harmonizing the World”. Instead of using the popular beauty and the beast style, Thy Symphony is only enhance by the classic metal singing style by Allan Ortiona in combination with the operatic delivery provided by Camila Senne. After the obligatory short intro, the band launch into the powerhouse opening number “Pandora’s Box”. “Eternal Life” is among my favorites; this is just a great fast tempo track that moves along at a brisk and energetic pace. The title track has a big symphonic feel to it. Thy Symphony also has a dramatic element to them, which comes out in many songs. The majority of the songs have an up-tempo, melodic style to them and the vocals I would say are split pretty evenly. Other standouts include: “Broken Wings”, “God’s Call”, the great ballad “Sun and Moon” and “Survivor”. “Harmonizing the World” is one of those albums that I am sure will find a niche with the power metal crowd. This has all of the elements that will keep fans of the genre entertained. Thy Symphony is just an impressive band with a long future in front of them.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Intro
  2. Pandora’s Box
  3. Broken Wings
  4. God’s Call
  5. Sun and Moon
  6. Eternal Life
  7. Harmonizing the World
  8. Survivor
  9. Shadows and Dust
  10. Rising From the Sand
  11. Lords of the Seas
  12. The Brave from Highlands


Line Up

  • Camila Senne – Vocals
  • Allan Ortiona- Vocals
  • Marcello Valsesia – Keyboards & Guitars
  • Cezar Raize – Guitars
  • Rene Labate – Bass 
  • Matthew Liles – Drums



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