Torsense – “World of Harmony Without You” (2010)


Label : Grailight Productions

Review by Tony Cannella

It is time to ratchet up the intensity. Russia’s Torsense plays symphonic Gothic/Death metal or as they describe their sound, Elemental Symphonic Death Metal.That last description is quite fitting, because the bands lyrics deal almost exclusively with the elements and nature. Checking out the song titles on their debut album “World of Harmony Without You” should be a strong indicator as to where their inspiration lies. The beautiful piano, classical style “Intro” kicks off the 39-minute “World of Harmony Without You” and segues into the melodic riffing of “Thunderstorm” before the song kicks into high gear. Male vocalist Evgeniy Ustinov (extreme vocals) and Female singer Evgeniya Rohlova trade off their contrasting vocals to great success. The gloriously chaotic “Dissolution of Ice” continues the frantic pacing. The lyrics are sung in Russian throughout the CD, so these song titles are the translations. I have to say, I was hugely impressed with the level of musicianship that Torsense displays throughout the CD. Songs like “At the Root of Volcano”, “Realm of Avalanches” and “Tornado” are quite intricate whilst still maintaining a brutal and melodic quality.To be honest with you, I have no idea if Torsense even still exists, since any new info on the band is scarce online. It would be a shame if they called it quits because “World of Harmony Without You” is a good debut and one that fans of Melodic Death Metal should gravitate to.

Rating – 83/100



  1. Intro
  2. Гроза (Thunderstorm)
  3. Таяние Льда (Dissolution of Ice)
  4. У Подножия Вулкана (At the Root of Volcano)
  5. Иссушение (Aridization)
  6. Царство Лавин (Realm of Avalanches)
  7. Торнадо (Tornado)
  8. Погружение во Тьму (Immersion into Darkness)
  9. Дрожь Земли (Quake of the Earth)
  10. Смуглянка-Молдаванка (Bonus Track)


Line Up

  • Evgeniy Ustinov – Vocals 
  • Evgeniya Rohlova – Soprano vocals
  • Alexandr Mahov – Guitar
  • Maxim Zhdanov – Guitar
  • Maxim Evsikov – Bass
  • Pavel Golubev – Keyboards, programming




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