Treachery – “Treachery” EP (2008)


Label : Czar of Crickets

Review by Tony Cannella

Treachery are a Black Metal trio from Minnesota, by way of the Swiss label Czar of Crickets. The band is led by frontwoman Hecate. Joining her in the band are Abelcaine and Slutmachine. They have just released their selftitled 5-song EP. The opening track “Inception” is a nearly 5-minute intro track the has plenty of atmosphere and eerie keyboard music that right away sets the tone for what is to follow. This leads us into the next track, “Kiss the Fist”. At only about 1 and-a-half-minute long this song just rips through the speakers and then it is done. The vocals of Hecate are truly otherworldly and brutal. This is just a pure blast of sonic aggression. The next song “Bound in Your Entrails” is a slower number but no less brutal and aggressive. That is followed by “Could Not Find Her Heart”. This keeps the evilness and aggression going and it is one of the highlights. The final song “Enter Dominion” is also the longest at over 8 minutes. This song is truly eerie and frightening. It is probably one of the more interesting numbers on display here. A good one to listen to with the lights out and candles burning. It just has a cold, dark, morbid feeling to it. After listening to this 23-minute EP the first impression is “What was that ? ” But like most good art, Treachery requires multiple listens to sink in. The band displays a number of different musical styles, not only in the realm of Black Metal but ambient and doom as well. Treachery are a band that has lots to offer. Just give them a chance.

Rating – 65/100



  1. Inception
  2. Kiss the Fist
  3. Bound in Your Entrail
  4. Could Not Find Her Heart
  5. Enter Dominion


Line Up

  • Hecate – Vocals
  • Abelcain – Guitars & Drums
  • Slutmachine – Bass  




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