Ultimate Fate – “Beyond the Horizon” EP (2011)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Okay, is it going too far to that I really, really loved this band! They are Ultimate Fate from Sweden and their debut EP is titled “Beyond the Horizon” and they play good melodic symphonic power metal, throughout this three song EP the band doesn’t let up for one second, and as for vocalist Jennie Soderberg, her style is not flashy, she is not operatic and doesn’t do vocal gymnastics, she’s just a very good singer with a strong, powerhouse of a voice – with great melodic tendencies – that helps lead the music in the right direction. The other musicians must get their due credit as well, especially guitarist Jacob Hede. The 3-song 14-minute EP begins with the melodic “Horizon” and it is a great way to begin things. Right from the outset I was quite impressed with Ultimate Fate. Also impressive is the guitar work put down by Andreas Niemi – just check out his solo on “Horizon”. “Retribution” starts off with a slower tempo, before getting heavier as the song progresses. The tempo soon speeds up and quickly becomes a favorite. Some great musicianship and melody helps to propel this song. The final song “Beyond Fear” is also the heaviest and provides a perfect ending. In addition to Jennie’s phenomenal vocals some male grunt vocals can be heard in the background. I really can’t find anything to dislike or criticize about Ultimate Fate and “Beyond the Horizon”, except for the fact it is too short. For a relatively new band, they play their brand of power metal like seasoned pros. I love it when I come across a band that has the “it” factor to make a lot of noise in the Power Metal genre, and Ultimate Fate are certainly one of those bands. It’s a shame that there are only three songs on “Beyond the Horizon”. If these three songs are indicative of what Ultimate Fate are capable of than I will eagerly and impatiently await a full-length from this excellent young Swedish band.

Rating – 95/100



  1. Horizon 
  2. Retribution
  3. Beyond Fear


Line Up

  • Jennie “Nord” Soderberg – Vocals
  • Andreas Niemi – Lead Guitar
  • Jacob Hede – Guitar
  • Andreas “Lillis” Bergqvist – Keyboards
  • Niklas Fahlen – Bass
  • Ola Olsson – Drums & percussion



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