Ultreia – “The Tree of Silence” (2010)


Independent Release 

Review by Tony Cannella

From Spain, Ultreia are yet another edition to the booming Folk-Metal genre. They have just issued their new full-length effort, “The Tree of the Silence”. Throughout the duration of this 12-song 57-minute disc, Ultreia alternately present the lyrics in both Spanish and English. Furthermore, the addition of such instruments as Flutes and even Bagpipes are a nice touch.The opener, “Civil War” is a nice way to begin things, and also shows off Ultreia’s Celtic influence throughout the CD. The next track, “Numancia” quickly became a favorite of mine. Other highlights include: the 8-minute “Birdy”, the choir-driven “Badde Calávrigu”, the a capella opening of “Sisifo” gives way to a bouncy, up-tempo metal number and “Dreams of God”, just to name a few. The accented lead vocals of Charo Sánchez are strong and definitely help in giving the material more depth. Ultreia also succeeds in incorporate other influences to go along with the Folk and Celtic elements that can be found on “Tree of the Silence”. On the “Tree of the Silence”, Ultreia has delivered a CD that should please fans of Folk-Metal and traditional heavy metal alike.

Rating – 79/100



  1. Civil War
  2. Numancia
  3. Sacred Earth
  4. Birdy
  5. Ainielle
  6. Ultreia
  7. Badde Calávrigu
  8. Tercer Mundo
  9. Dreams of God
  10. Sisifo
  11. Wolf
  12. A Santa Compaña 


Line Up

  • Charo Sánchez – Vocals
  • Claudio Sánchez – Rhythm Guitar
  • Juan Revenga – Lead Guitar
  • David Alonso – Flutes, Bagpipes, Dulzaina 
  • Miguel Sánchez – Bass
  • Dennis – Drums, Percussion



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