Universal Totem Orchestra – “The Magus” (2008)


Label : Black Widow Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Italy’s Universal Totem Orchestra is a strange Progressive, Jazz/Fusion and Rock Ensemble. Their new album is called “The Magus” and was released in 2008. According to the UTO official web site, “The Magus” completes a trilogy (“Hidden Opera” and “Rituale Alieno” are the first two parts), dedicated to Human Alienation; from the most esoteric state to the most psychal complex one, crossing extreme forms of analysis and autoanalysis. After listening to “The Magus” and taking it all in, all I can say is, wow! Universal Totem Orchestra is one band that has absolutely no restraints when it comes to their music, zero, none. On “The Magus” anything goes. Even though there are only 6-songs on “The Magus”, the whole thing clocks in at a whopping 80-minute long. The 19-minute quirky opener, “De Astrologia” really sets the tempo and vibe. Next is the 17 and-a-half minute “Coerenza Delle Percentuali”. This is a great track the features some cool female opera vocals from Ana Torres Fraile. “Ato Paradime” (16-minutes long) and the closing track “Vento Madre” (over 13-minutes long) are two more highlights. UTO are seriously one of the most unique bands I have heard in a long time. Because the songs are so long there is ample opportunity given to the musicians to shine and the songs travel down many different paths throughout the course of a single song. Whether you like UTO or you don’t, there is no denying the musicianship and the sheer uniqueness that this band displays on “The Magus”. I don’t know if I could recommend this band to the majority of my metal loving brethren, but for those who enjoy a bit of the adventurous when it come to music, and wouldn’t mind checking out a band that dares to think out of the box, than this is one band that deserves a listen.

Rating – 82/100



  1. De Astrologia
  2. Coerenza Delle Percentuali
  3. Les Plantes Magiques
  4. Ato Paradime
  5. Mors, Ultima Linea Rerum
  6. Vento Madre


Line Up

  • Ana Torres Fraile – Vocals
  • Fabrizzio Mattuzzi – Keyboards 
  • Antonio Fedeli – Saxophones
  • Yanik L. Andreatta – Bass
  • Uto G. Golin – Drums



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