Unshine – “Dark Half Rising” (2013)


Label: Massacre Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Could Druid metal be another sub genre in heavy metal? Maybe so, because that is what the Finnish band Unshine refer to themselves as and who am I to argue? What I do know is that Unshine has been in existence since 2001 and have just issued their 3rd album via Massacre entitled “Dark Half Rising”.

The acoustic, folk-ish ballad “Nadja’s Wailing About Coming of the Frost” starts things. I really thought this was a cool opening track which gives way to the hugely bombastic riffing of “The Oath of Wilderness of Unredeemed Nature”. This is another good track, heavy and melodic with a touch of prog. Did I mention the riffs? Unshine delivers plenty of those in abundance. Lead vocalist Susanna Vesilahti has a sweet, angelic voice which is in contrast to the heavy music being played. “Arduinna” is just a straight-forward power metal tune. Other highlights include: “Spellbinder”, “Defender of His Faith”(which reminds me of a heavier Blackmore’s Night) and “The Blood of Ardennes”. I am not sure how to define druid metal, but with “Dark Half Rising”, Unshine manages to incorporate other influences and nuances and the results are excellent.

Rating – 88/100


  1. Nadja’s Wailing About Coming of the Frost
  2. The Oath of Wilderness of Unredeemed Nature
  3. Arduinna
  4. Spellbinder
  5. Defender of His Faith
  6. Their Horses Never Touch the Ground
  7. Idyl
  8. The Blood of Ardennes
  9. Ikuinen Taistelu
  10. Bone Fires
  11. Ategenos (At the Death of Winter)


Line Up

  • Susanna Vesilahti – Vocals
  • Harri Hautala – Guitar, synth)
  • Jari Hautala- Guitar)
  • Teemu Vähäkangas  – Bass
  • Jukka Hantula – Drums


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