UnSun – “Clinic for Dolls” (2010)


Label : Mystic Productions

Review by Tony Cannella

The Polish Gothic Metal band UnSun first came on the scene with their 2008 debut “The End of Life”. Now the band led by ex-Vader guitarist Mauser and vocalist Aya return with their sophomore effort “Clinic for Dolls”. It is good to see that UnSun has maintained their gift for melody that made their debut so enjoyable. The opener “The Lost Way” and the next track “Clinic for Dolls” are two great examples of what UnSun has to offer. The songs are up-tempo, fast paced and feature some strong, soaring vocals from Aya. The next track “Time” immediately became a huge favorite, thanks in large part to the great guitar work by Mauser (check out his solo on this track) and a passionate vocal performance from Aya. The piano ballad “The Last Tear” offers something a little different as the band shows their sensitive side. Other highlights include: “Mockers”, “Home” and “I Ceased”. “Why” brings the 44-minute CD to a close. UnSun maintain a steady, melodic direction throughout the course of “Clinic for Dolls”. With “Clinic for Dolls”, UnSun has definitely continued to expand upon their impressive debut. “Clinic for Dolls” should definitely please fans of “The End of Life”.

Rating – 82/100



  1. The Lost Way
  2. Clinic for Dolls
  3. Time
  4. Mockers
  5. Not Enough
  6. The Last Tear
  7. Home
  8. I Ceased
  9. A Single Touch
  10. Why


Line Up

  • Aya – Vocals
  • Mauser – Guitars
  • Heinrich – Bass
  • Vaaver – Drums



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