Label : Swedmetal Records

Review By Tony Cannella

From Helsinki, Finland comes Vanity Ink. They play good, melodically charged hard rock – with plenty classic style rock riffs and memorable and catchy songs. The band have just issued their second full-length release titled “More Senseless Random Behaviour”. “Smell the Party” gets things started and it is easy to see where this band is coming from and this is a good energetic opening number that gets this party started. The band is unrelenting on the next track “Let’s Go Down” a great second track that does nothing but bring the quality up (no pun intended). “Fine by Thursday” begins with the simplest of guitar riffs, and it proves to be a driving force for this fine song. You really have to like the vocals of Annabella, she has tons and charisma and attitude in her voice that you just have to admire – she is quite impressive. “Breathe” slows things down a bit and it is the obligatory ballad and once again Annabella really shine through on this number as the provides an emotional, breathy delivery to the song, which quickly became one of my favorites. Getting back to the hard stuff is the next track “Rolling Stones”, which is just a good down and dirty rock tune and another high point. It’s energetic and the gang vocals on the chorus are pretty cool as well. “Versus” is perhaps the shining moment out of the 11-songs presented here, a rock solid back beat is accompanied by some monster riffs and another great melody, the band have really out done themselves on this one. Other highlights include: “Modern Day Saviour”, “Oh Sue” and “Rock and Roll”.I will admit that after doing some research on the ‘net on Vanity Ink, I didn’t know what to expect, but I am happy to say that this band quickly put my doubts to rest. They play just good, in-your-face, hard rock and roll with an emphasis on killer melodies. “More Senseless Random Behaviour” is a CD that really caught me by surprise and one that really delivers.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Smell the Party
  2. Let’s Go Down
  3. Fine by Thursday
  4. Breathe
  5. Rolling Stones
  6. Versus
  7. A Song on the B Side
  8. Modern Day Saviour
  9. Oh Sue
  10. Rock and Roll
  11. Everybodymoveeverybodygethurt


Line Up 

  • Annabella – Vocals
  • Juha Bandit – Guitar
  • Jussi – Guitar
  • Miki Peltola – Bass
  • Sam Junni – Drums



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