Vecordia – “Dukaty” DEMO (2011)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

From Poland comes the 5-member Female fronted Folk Metal outfit Vecordia. The band formed in Warsaw in 2008 and already has a full-length and demo to their credit. Now you can add this demo “Dukaty” to their discography. The band is fronted by Magda and she’s got a good voice although it really doesn’t jump out at you, but it really grows on you, like most of the material on “Dukaty”. The songs are primarily sung in Polish, and musically the band really comes on strong and although they are often categorized as folk metal, there are also some power metal and traditional metal elements present. The opening track “Wyobraznia” is a good example of this – some brutal male vocals are also present here. The next track is a cover of the Nightwish classic “Nemo”. It starts off with violin and for the first few seconds it is unrecognizable, but Vecordia ends up doing a faithful version of the song, that add some of the own personal touches here and there, but they still perform the song with respect and do it justice. “Dukaty” is next and opens with a violin solo, and to me, this is the most folkish sounding song here. There are plenty of heavy parts though and it features a galloping rhythm throughout. The fast paced “Lesna Armia” closes things and brings “Dukaty” to a furious conclusion. Magda pushes her vocal range on this one and really goes for it. This is a nice way to end things. Vecordia has delivered a promising EP with “Dukaty”. It seems that the band has a lot of talent and is not bound by the Folk Metal genre, so they can possibly cross over and reach metal fans of all kinds.

Rating – 88/100



  1. Wyobraznia
  2. Nemo
  3. Dukaty
  4. Lesna Armia


Line Up

  • Magda Przychodzka – Female Vocals
  • Grzegorz Krzyzanowski – Guitar
  • Cezary Zaporowski – Bass
  • Ernest Grabowski – Violin
  • Chris Biadun – Drums



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