VelvetSeal – “Lend Me Your Wings” (2009)


Label : Dark Balance Records

Review by Tony Cannella

I first became aware of Budapest, Hungary’s VelvetSeal via their 4-track “Lend Me Your Wings” sampler CD, which came my way in 2008. The music contained on the sampler hinted at a world of potential for this band and really wet the appetite for their full-length debut. Well, now in 2009 the band have finally issued the complete version of “Lend Me Your Wings” and I think it is safe to say that the promise that was hinted at on the 4-track sampler, has now been realized. Lead vocalist Gabriella fronts this 4-piece band and they play a sort of mix between dark, gothic and symphonic metal. It’s a strong mix of styles and it works quite well. The orchestral intro “Opening” begins things and manages to do a good job in building anticipation for the next track “Lend Me Your Wings”, which also includes some symphonic orchestration. “The One” is next and it keeps up the level of consistency of the previous song. It has a nice groove to it and a strong guitar riff that remains throughout the track. “Desperati” begins with a choir-like vocal intro then the song really gets rolling. The choir vocals pop up here and there throughout the track and their is some more cool orchestration. “Where Statues Cry” is just plain phenomenal and maybe my favorite track. This might sound crazy but I think this song has a real shot at having some commercial appeal if given the right kind of support, that is not to say that it is a commercial song, but it’s potential and melodic sensibility cannot be denied, and I think if given the chance to hear it, people will really dig it. Other highlights include: “Torn Within” (featuring an awesomely catchy and powerful melody), and “FreeFall”. Perhaps the main highlights for me are the songs: “The Divine Comedy ?” and “The Tragic Overture”. The material contained on the CD is very strong, but those two songs (as well as “Where Statues Cry”) just seem to really stand out for me. The vocals of Gabriella are really strong and confident, just great for the material on the CD. The songs have plenty of layers and depth to them and are also very well written and the musicianship is quite impressive all the way around. “Lend Me Your Wings” features 9-songs that never fails to make quite an impression. The songs are just loaded of ambiance, atmosphere and plenty of bombast that only seems to get better upon repeated listening. Perhaps the only complaint I have with this CD is that at 35-minutes long maybe it is too short, but that is indeed a very minor criticism. The overall material contained on “Lend Me Your Wings” is strong and of a very high caliber and also quite professional. It will be interesting to watch this band as they continue to grow and progress. “Lend Me Your Wings” is a powerful statement that should send VelvetSeal well on their way.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Opening
  2. Lend Me Your Wings
  3. The One
  4. Desperati
  5. Torn Within
  6. Where Statues Cry
  7. The Divine Comedy?
  8. FreeFall
  9. The Tragic Overture


Line Up

  • Gabriella Foti (Gabee) – Vocals
  • Csabee Ratz – Guitars, Orchestral arrangements & Synths
  • David Kalmar – Bass
  • Balázs Hornyak – Drums



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