VelvetSeal – “Lend Me Your Wings” PROMO (4 Tracks) (2008)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

VelvetSeal are a 4-piece female fronted band from Budapest, Hungary. Musically the band lies in the realm of Symphonic power metal, with some touches of classical, gothic and progressive metal thrown in as well. The 4-songs presented here are just a taste of what we can expect on the band’s forthcoming 9-song debut release, titled “Lend Me Your Wings”. The band are fronted by Gabriella Foti on vocals. The rest of the lineup goes like this: Csaba Ratz (guitars, orchstration, synths), David Kalmar (bass) and the quartet is completed by Balazs Hornyak on drums. The title track “Lend Me Your Wings” sets things in motion with a heavy guitar riff and some big sounding orchestration. The vocals of Gabriella are very strong and emotional. This is a solid opener with a huge chorus that is both catchy and dramatic. This was one of the definite highlights for me and at only 3-minutes long it is over too soon. Next is “The One”. This is another dramatic sounding number. It still maintains the heaviness of the previous song, but it is slower in tempo. The vocals on the chorus sound very cool, almost like a choir. It definitely provides great atmosphere and emotion to the song. The song keeps a steady pace throughout and never wavers. it is just a solid track. Next up is “Desperati”. This song begins with some eerie sounding intro music and then launches into a heavy riff accompanied by rhythmic chanting and the vocals of Gabriella Foti once again take center stage. I should also mention that the production is very good. They have obviously put a lot of effort into the overall presentation and that effort definitely pays off. The final track, “The Divine Comedy?” is a perfect way to end things and leave the listener hungry for more. This is an epic and dramatic sounding song and one that had me reaching for the play button once again. The only negative I can really say about this is that I wish it was longer than just the 4 songs. VelvetSeal are a great, talented, up-and-coming band, that I would suspect that we will hear more from in the months and years to come. I hope we do anyway. The 4-songs offered here are a perfect teaser for what it is to come. I am not too familiar with the Hungarian metal scene but I would describe the music contained here as just pure, classy metal. Excellent vocals, great musicianship and most importantly fantastic songs, what more can one ask for? If these songs are any indication of the future than I am eagerly awaiting the day that I get to hear the full version of “Lend Me Your Wings”. I’m sure it will be well worth the wait.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Lend Me Your Wings
  2. The One
  3. Desperati
  4. The Divine Comedy?


Line Up

  • Gabriella Foti (Gabee) – Vocals
  • Csabee Ratz – Guitars, Orchestral arrangements & Synths
  • David Kalmar – Bass
  • Balázs Hornyak – Drums



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