Voices of Destiny – “Power Dive” (2012)


Label : Massacre Records

Review by Danny Robertson

VOD‘s press release for “Power Dive” describes them as having a sound somewhere between gothic and symphonic metal, and it’s not wrong; at times sounding like a heavier Nightwish, or during their more restrained moments sounding reminiscent of Within Temptation, but without sounding like a cheap copy of any act within those genres. Their combination of sounds gels together well without sounding forced – the keyboards don’t overpower the rest of the instruments, whilst the guitarwork is especially impressive, epic without being pompous or gratuitous, and Maike‘s vocals work well with the instruments rather than relegating them to the background, thus avoiding the pitfalls others within the genre occasionally find themselves in. Tracks such as the title song and “Dedication” show off their more operatic side, whilst standout track “Kami” is a nice demonstration of the band’s range in a single song, with some heavy riffing throughout. Voices of Destiny have delivered a strong second album here, one that should see them win new fans in further territories. If you’re fan of big, bold, unashamedly epic metal, then try this album out!

Rating – 80/100



  1. Intro
  2. Power Dive
  3. My Separation
  4. Dreams Awake
  5. Kami
  6. Untouchable
  7. Being Worth
  8. Dedication
  9. Your Hands
  10. Red Winter’s Snow
  11. Outro


Line Up

  • Maike Holzmann – Vocals
  • Chris Gutjahr – Guitars
  • Lukas Palme – Keyboards/vocals
  • Jens Hartwig – Bass
  • Erik Seitz – Drums



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