VV.AA. – “Des Filles et des Riffes Vol 1” (2010)


Label : Savage Prod/Season of Mist

Review by Tony Cannella

This compilation is put out by the French web zine Des Filles et des Riffs and issued by the label Season of Mist. Featuring 34-songs and bands and over 2-hours worth of music spread out over 2-discs “Des et des Riffs” is packed to capacity and this is only volume 1. If you love female fronted metal, than this comprehensive compilation is well worth exploring. The main style that is put on display throughout this very thorough compilation is Symphonic and Epic type of metal bands. There is so much quality music to sift through on this comp and it would be a monumental task to go through each track song-by-song. The opener is one of the more familiar numbers, “Resign to Surrender” by Dutch metal legends Epica gets the ball rolling. Kells is next with very strong “Avant Que Tu”. Mixed in amongst the Symphonic metal bands are Pin-Up Went Down, Adrana and Diablo Swing Orchestra who provides a change of pace with their unique quirkiness. November 7 is a band that I have not been familiar with and their track “Parasite” turned out to be one of my favorites. Soulmaker (“A Vide”) and To-Mera (“Mesmerized”) are two excellent bands that are represented. Some other lesser known bands like Dharma, Pythia, E-Nora, The Veil and Ozge Ozkan are quite impressive as well. Some of the highlights that can be found on disc 2 are: Dama, “Rainy Roads”, Wildpath “Dark Mass”, The Birthday Massacre “Looking Glass”, Ellyose “Theogyne” and Factory of Dreams check in with “Slow Motion World”. In short, “Des Filles et des Riffs, Vol. 1” is nirvana for any female fronted metal fan. With so much great music made available to us it is quite difficult to stay on top of everything, so it is compilations such as these that provide a great service to metal fans. Mixed in with bands that you might be familiar with are other promising bands which you may not have heard before that also might be worth exploring. In that respect, “Des Filles et des Riffs, Vol. 1” is a resounding success.

Rating – 90/100



CD 1

  1. “Resign to Surrender” – Epica
  2. “Avant Que Tu” – Kells
  3. “Essence of I” – Pin-Up Went Down
  4. “Nouvelle Ere” – Interria
  5. “Closest To” – Dharma
  6. “Try” – The Outburst
  7. “A Vide” – Soulmaker
  8. “Bulimiarexia” – Eths
  9. “Crystal Eyes” – L’endevi
  10. “Tristan” – Pythia
  11. “Midnight Falls” – E-Nora
  12. “Mesmerized” – To-Mera
  13. “Labyrinth” – The Veil
  14. “Parasite” – November 7
  15. “Jerusalem” – Atmosfairy
  16. “So Alone” – Iridyum
  17. “My Cold One” – Ozge Ozkan


CD 2

  1. “Flesh Drug” – Lezwieliza
  2. “A Love Like Mine” – Ardor
  3. “Rainy Roads” – Dama
  4. “Dark Mass” – Wildpath
  5. “Theater of Pain” – Auspex
  6. “Secret Gathering” – Adrana
  7. “A Tap Dancer’s Dilemma” – Diablo Swing Orchestra
  8. “What a Waste” – Fluxious
  9. “Save Me” – Process
  10. “Disarmed” – Alight
  11. “Looking Glass” – The Birthday Massacre
  12. “Theogyne” – Ellyose
  13. “Slow Motion World” – Factory of Dreams
  14. “Gimme Your Gun” – Akentra
  15. “Blowin’ rhe Wind” – Bel O Kan
  16. “Elderberry and Lavender” – Lyriel
  17. “Theatre of Life” – Weeping Silence



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