VV. AA. – “Ferocity & Femminity” (Femme Metal Compilation) (2008)


Label: Anthem Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Metal is truly a worldwide phenomenon. Okay, maybe that is the understatement of all time but it is great to see how metal is represented all over the world. Different styles, different genres, it all has something to offer. In the realm of female fronted bands, it is no different. There is a lot of good music out there, sometimes you just have to look for it. Here now is a compilation CD brought to you by the good folks at the Femme Metal Webzine titled “Ferocity and Femininity”. Represented are 15 bands and over 70-minutes worth of some of the best up-and-coming bands in the Female Fronted metal scene. The CD begins with “The Reach” by the UK’s Adastreia. This is a good track to choose as an opener, since it sets the standard very high right away. The song is dramatic with great operatic vocals. From there are another two bands representing the UK are on board. The first of which Hanging Doll are on board with the fantastic “Sweet Retribution”. This is an excellent track with an infectious melody and more great vocal work. That is followed by another equally good song by Submerged titled “This Thing of Darkness”. A cool mid-tempo number that has plenty of killer riffs. Canada’s AraPacis check in with “So Many Leapers”. This song ups the heaviness a bit with it’s Maiden-like galloping rhythms. It’s just relentless. Their style is more in a traditional metal vein, but equally effective as the previous bands. Next is Fateless Tears from the U.S. Their style generally reminds of good progressive music as can be heard on their track “Mesmerized”. Dueling female and male grunt vocals are used here. The UK’s hAND are represented with “I Find Myself” and this is musically phenomenal track and the vocals are very strong. Dremora from the US check in with “Alone” and Maida Vale from the Netherlands with “Remote Control”. A couple of perfectly crafted songs that highlight the strengths and differences of both bands. Dendura from the US are represented with Symphony – a symphonic metal masterpiece and that is followed Celticia (from the UK) with “Misshaped Scenes”. Next is Afterdawn with “Top of Occasions“. The great Australian band Temujin is heard with “Let You Go”. This is one of the most promising new bands I’ve heard in quite some time and this is one of my favorite tracks from their brilliant “1000 Tears” CD. Dyonisis – another great band – is up next with “Xact”. The final two songs “Ghost in the Shell” by Liquid Sky and “Disclosed” by Norway’s Ancestral Legacy bring this collection of female fronted metal to a rousing conclusion. With 15-songs and over 70-minutes worth of powerful music, this CD should provide a great resource for fans who are always on the lookout for new bands to support. Caz and the Femme Metal crew have put a lot of dedication and heart in compiling this CD and that is to be commended. The spotlight is shone brightly on these 15 bands, who each bring something unique and interesting to the table. This is truly a great collection of songs and bands that should please not only fans of the femme metal genre, but fans of music in general. The packaging layout and artwork also deserve a special mention. Plus, it’s all for a good cause. All proceeds will go to aid Cancer research.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Adastreia – “The Reach”
  2. Afterdawn “Top of Occasion”
  3. Ancestral Legacy – “Disclosed”
  4. AraPacis – “So many Leapers”
  5. Celticia – “Misshaped Scenes”
  6. Dendura – “Symphony”
  7. Dremora – “Alone”
  8. Dyonisis – “Xact”
  9. Fateless Tears – “Mesmerized”
  10. hAND – “I Find Myself”
  11. Hanging Doll – “Sweet Retribution”
  12. Liquid Sky – “Ghost in the Shell”
  13. Maida Vale – “Remote Control” (New 2008 Version)
  14. Submerged – “This Thing of Darkenss”
  15. Temujin – “Let You Go”




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