Weeping Silence – “End of an Era” (2008)


Label : Sleazy Rider Records

Review by Tony Cannella

“End of an Era” is the debut full-length from the Malta based Gothic/Doom/Progressive metal band Weeping Silence. Even though, “End of an Era” was originally unleashed upon us in 2008, this is a CD that is definitely worthy of a review. “End of an Era” has a playing time of 6-songs and 42-minutes worth of music. The songs contain long, epic, sweeping arrangements.  The songs are heavy, while still having a dark, mournful quality to them, some of the songs even feature violin. After the intro “Mourning Reign”, the band launch into the 10-minute “Deep Regret”. This is a strong opener that showcases the passionate vocals of Rachel Grech combined with the melodicism of Weeping Silence. “Tell Me Why” (9 minutes), “Crystal Images” (10 minutes) and “Darkness in My Heart” (11minutes) continue the big, epic nature of this CD, before the 1-minute outro, “End of an Era” brings the CD to a close. Stylistically, I would say that Weeping Silence remind me a bit of the Virginia based prog-metal band Brave“End of an Era” is a great debut release from this Maltese band. Whatever you may thing of long epic songs, Weeping Silence are a band that certainly put a lot of hard work and sincerity into their debut and the length of the songs do nothing to hinder the enjoyment of “End of an Era” it only enhances it..

Rating – 88/100



  1. Mourning Reign
  2. Deep Regret
  3. Tell Me Why
  4. Crystal Images
  5. Darkness In My Heart
  6. End of An Era


Line Up

  • Rachel Grech – Vocals
  • Mario Ellul – Guitars
  • Toni Farruggia – Guitar
  • Allison Camilleri – Keyboards
  • Sean Pollacco – Bass 
  • Angelo Zammit – Drums  



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