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Review by Tony Cannella

From Romania comes the operatic symphonic metal band Whispering Woods. They have just issued their 4-track, 18-minute self-titled debut and for fans that can’t get enough of dramatic music, with excellent operatic female vocals, than Whispering Woods are a band that will surely spark your interest. The opening track begins with a theatrical organ intro as “Curse of the Nightingale” kicks in and is a pretty good indicator of the strong material that is provided here. Some strong vocals are provided courtesy of Alexandra Burca. The next track “Death of a Beautiful” begins with a slower tempo, and alternates between a mid-tempo number and a beautiful ballad throughout its nearly 5-minute duration. “Fairy Woods” is next and comes with a cool, catchy melody and has an upbeat tempo. The final song “Ghost in the Monastery” wraps things up nicely and features probably Alexandra’s best vocal performance on the album, and quickly became my favorite song. All-in-all this was a powerful way to end things. The Female Fronted Symphonic Metal scene seems to be picking up steam these days and shows no signs of slowing down,thanks to bands like Whispering Woods, who has delivered a good debut that is sure to please the passionate fan base of this genre of metal.

Rating – 75/100



  1. Curse of the Nightingale
  2. Death of a Beautiful
  3. Fairy Woods
  4. Ghost in the Monastery

Line Up

  • Alexandra Burca – Vocals
  • Doru Cailean – Lead guitar
  • Catalina Popa – Flute
  • Cora Miron – Keyboards
  • Radu Vâtca – Bass guitar
  • Alex Dascal – Drums



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