Whispers of Fate – “Embrace My Winter” (2010)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

From Italy comes another Symphonic Metal band, adding to that countries rich heritage in that genre of metal. They are Whispers of Fate and their debut release is called “Embrace My Winter”. The band began in 2007 with the two core members being vocalist Betty and guitarist Kaos. The bands line-up is completed by Venom (Keyboards), Joey (Bass) and Alexander (Drums). “Embrace My Winter” features 7-songs and 30-minutes worth of music that displays Whispers of Fate’s brand of Symphonic Metal with lyrical subject matter dealing with beauty, nature and the decay of man. The orchestral intro “Forgotten Prayer” starts things off and segues nicely into “Pain of Earth”. This is a melancholic opener that is a cool way to start things. The tempo doesn’t change much on the following track “Dance of the Clouds”. There is a beautiful poetic sensibility in the songwriting that Whispers of Fate displays. “Dance of the Clouds” in particular has a nice rhythmic quality to it. “Wasted World” is next and speeds up the pace a bit. “Sphere” is next and has a “Mother Earth” era Within Temptation vibe to it. Even though the song is only 5-minutes long it has the feel of an epic, thanks in part to its big, orchestral arrangement. The short haunting track “Preludio D’Inverno” leads into the final number “Frozen Heart”, thus bringing “Embrace My Winter” to its conclusion. Musically, there is nothing new going on here, but who cares; everything’s already been done before anyway. “Embrace My Winter” is a good album filled with good songs and strong musicianship. Fans who can’t get enough of Symphonic Metal should definitely give Whispers of Fate and their debut “Embrace My Winter” a try.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Forgotten Prayer (Intro)
  2. Pain of Earth
  3. Dance of the Clouds
  4. Wasted World
  5. Sphere
  6. Preludio D’Inverno
  7. Frozen Heart

Line Up

  • Betty – Vocals
  • Kaos – Guitars
  • Venom – Keyboards
  • Joey – Bass
  • Alexander – Drums



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