WildeStarr – “Arrival” (2009)


Label : Furnace Maximus Records

Review By Tony Cannella

WildeStarr is the new project formed by ex-Vicious Rumors guitarist Dave Starr and vocalist London Wilde. The duo have hooked up to unleash their debut CD titled “Arrival” and it is 10-songs and over 50-minutes worth of powerhouse metal that really delivers the goods in every way imaginable.The intricately crafted 7-minute opening number “Rose in the Dark” kicks things off and immediately the listener is drawn into a world of memorable guitar riffs and the powerful vocal style of London Wilde, this really is a great opening number and one the best “Arrival” has to offer. The next track “Arrival” slows down the tempo a bit, but it is just as heavy as the previous track and no less intense and very dramatic sounding. “Touching God” continue the high quality of the CD. “Rise” is one the heaviest songs that this CD has to offer with London Wilde really delivering a Rob Halford like screaming vocals, but also trying out some other vocal ranges throughout the course of the track. Other highlights include: “Down of the Sun”, “Nevermore”, “Generation Next” and “Voice in the Silence”. The vocals of London Wilde are really, really impressive as she really shines throughout the 10-songs on this disc and has to be considered one of the best new vocalist to emerge on the scene in quite some time. Wilde Starr should appeal to fans of intense, guitar driven metal and the forceful vocals of London Wilde really help to solidify the quality of the music. With so few guitar heroes being produced these days, WildeStarr should come as a revelation to fans of ‘guitar metal’, or if you just like good songs – they’ve got that covered too. WildeStarr have arrived.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Rose in the Dark
  2. Arrival
  3. Touching God
  4. Rise
  5. Down of the Sun
  6. In This World
  7. Generation Next
  8. Nevermore
  9. Voice in the Silence
  10. The Chain


Line Up 

  • London Wilde – Lead vocals, backing vocals, keyboards
  • Dave Starr – All guitars, bass, backing vocals
  • Jim Hawthorne – Drums



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