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Review by Tony Cannella

It is no secret that the country of Italy has become a major force in supplying the world with some great metal bands of all genres. One of the latest bands to emerge from Italy is the Melodic Metal band Windfall. Windfall keeps up the tradition of high quality Italian metal on their independently released debut EP “Crush”. Despite having a production that is not the greatest, “Crush” features some excellent material that is able to overcome some of the shortcomings as far as the production goes. Beginning with the interestingly titledb, Windfall simply tears into this opening number with fierce intensity. “Life Is a Challenge” is up next and gets my vote for best song. “Revenge” is next and features a cool prog-like keyboard opening before a monstrous riff joins the fray and pretty much is present through the remainder of the song. The EP is completed with the powerful title track “Crush”. The strong vocals of Francesca Tedeschi are a huge highlight for me and one of the reasons why “Crush” made a good impression, but the talents of the other band members cannot be ignored. Overall, Windfall possesses a great deal of talent and potential which is on full display on “Crush”.

Rating – 83/100



  1. Dad Show
  2. Life Is a Challenge
  3. Revenge
  4. Crush


Line Up

  • Francesca Tedeschi – Vocals
  • Lorenzo Nardi – Guitar
  • Tommaso Buzzegoli – Keyboards
  • Marco Patracchini – Bass
  • Matteo Bresci – Drums



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