Winter in Eden – “Awakening” (2010)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Winter in Eden are a Gothic/Symphonic metal band from the UK. They released their debut EP, “At the Edge of the World” in 2009.  Only three songs appeared on that disc and all three can be found on their just released full-length debut, “Awakening”The first thing that really impressed me about Winter in Eden, is their big symphonic metal sound that is prevalent on “Awakening”. Also it is the excellent songwriting and musicianship that the band displays. The lead vocals performed by Vicky Johnson are quite impressive as well. Her vocals are clean sounding, but not operatic, yet she still exhibits a power, grace and range to her voice that really helps drive the songs. From the opening, pumping track “Oblivion” to the complex and conceptual closing duo of “The Awakening Chapter One: Introspection” and “The Awakening Chapter Two: Unspoken”, there is a lot to keep the listener entertained. Other highlights include: “Inside”, “Fate Will Oblige”, “Stolen Fairytale”, the Celtic tinged instrumental “Windelfell” and my favorite, “Alighieri”What you get on “Awakening” is 52-minutes worth of high quality and high caliber melodic metal.  Fans of Within Temptation, After Forever and Sinergy should grow to love Winter in Eden. It is surprising to me that Winter in Eden have not been scooped up by some label yet. After listening to “Awakening”, I’m sure it is only a matter of time.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Oblivion
  2. Inside
  3. Fate Will Oblige
  4. Stolen Fairytale
  5. Aragon
  6. Ruled by Fear
  7. Frustrated Dreamer
  8. At the Edge of the World
  9. Cry
  10. Windelfell
  11. Alighieri
  12. The Awakening Chapter One: Introspection
  13. The Awakening Chapter Two: Unspoken


Line Up

  • Vicky Johnson– Vocals
  • Sam Cull – Guitars
  • Steve Johnson – Keyboards
  • Ian Heddle – Bass
  • Wayne McAloon – Drums



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