Winter in Eden – “Echoes of Betrayal” (2012)


Label : Lycan Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Winter in Eden is a female fronted Gothic/Symphonic Metal from the UK. The band formed around 2007, released their debut EP “At the Edge of the World” in 2009 and followed that up with their full-length debut “Awakening” in 2010 and that brings us to the present and their newest release “Echoes of Betrayal”. So here we are again and Winter in Eden is proving to be one of the best bands in a crowded Symphonic metal field and “Echoes of Betrayal” should only strengthen their position. It is true that the Symphonic metal genre has become a very saturated (some would say over saturated) form of metal. There are still a lot of good bands coming up playing this style of music and Winter in Eden is a perfect example. The band has maintained that big orchestral sound and on their new album Winter in Eden has progressed all the way around as songwriters. The material bears that out – and they don’t go overboard with the symphonic thing, the songs still features plenty of heavy riffs and the orchestration is used where needed. Like on their debut, lead vocalist Vicky Johnson’s vocals are solid and clean if a little understated – not that that is a bad thing, she definitely is not of the operatic variety – she just has a very classy voice that goes hand-in-hand with the classy music that is being performed by the excellent musicians that makes up Winter in Eden. Musically and lyrically there is a definite maturity and confidence that comes with “Echoes of Betrayal”. The opening classical intro starts off “For the Few”, which is a solid opener. You just have to love Vicky’s vocals and sometimes it is refreshing to hear this kind of music played without the obligatory opera vocalist (not that there’s anything wrong with that). After the intro, the crunchy stop-start guitar riffs come in. “Possession” is next and is more of an up-tempo in-your-face song and definitely one of my favorites. “Awakening” ended with “The Awakening Chapters: I & II”, on “EOB”, Winter in Eden continues this with “The Awakening: Chapters III (Regret), IV (Torment) & V (Descension)”. These songs are as good as it gets and perhaps the crowning jewel in WIE’s repertoire. Other highlights include: “Trapped”, “Lie What We Leave Behind”, “Lies”, “Suffer in Silence” and “Stone Cold” I can’t really say if I like “Echoes of Betrayal” more or less than Winter in Eden’s debut. It is quite simply just as solid as “Awakening” and a strong continuation on what they began.“Echoes of Betrayal” is a very good album and one that the band should be proud of.

Rating – 85/100



  1. For the Few
  2. Possession
  3. The Awakening: Chapter III – Regret
  4. The Awakening: Chapter IV – Torment
  5. The Awakening: Chapter V – Descension
  6. Trapped
  7. Lies
  8. Suffer in Silence
  9. Eyes of a Child
  10. What We Leave Behind
  11. Stone Cold
  12. The Secret Room


Line Up

  • Vicky Johnson – Vocals
  • Sam Cull – Guitars
  • Steve Johnson – Keyboards
  • Ian Heddle – Bass
  • Steve Hauxwell – Drums



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