Without a Whisper – “Caught in the Fire” (2006)


Independent Release

Review by John Davies

This Arkansas based band really knows how to deliver first class, straight to the point hard rock. It’s back to basics with these guys. I guess you could say it’s traditional based metal with a modern day spin on it. There are plenty of catchy growling guitar riffs and appetizing progressions. But there are no choirs, death metal growls or any gothic characteristics. In fact, this is a compact four piece rock band with no keyboards. However, their music is certainly is very melodic, with strong, well written vocal lines. Vocalist Pamela David has a very American rocker style of singing, with perhaps a touch of blues influence showing through at times. Guitarist Aaron Straub writes all the music and manages to fire off lots of tantalizing metal tunes, as well as some nice tasteful solos. But the solos are very judiciously placed, so that you are not subjected to an over abundance of pointless shredding. Pamela writes all of the lyrics, which are somewhat dark but suit the music style very well. Obviously, it is to Pamela’s advantage to be able to write her own lyrics, so that they best match her own singing style. Some favorite tracks for me are “Hold on Me” with its steam roller guitar intro, and ‘You Make Me Proud,’ which has a really solid metal sound, and a killer chorus. “Say Goodbye” is also a great composition with exceptional vocal melodies. The band had packed it in for a while, with the unexpected departure of Aaron leaving everyone in a state of shock. But apparently they have recently regrouped, so I hope we’ll hear more from this band. I think this is a band that could deliver some even more outstanding material in their next effort.


Rating – 80/100



  1. Indifference
  2. I Die
  3. Fading Rain
  4. Hold On Me
  5. In Your Eyes
  6. Different Life
  7. You Make Me Proud 
  8. Say Goodbye
  9. The Great Unknown
  10. Wasting Time
  11. Daddy Loves Allie (Hidden Track)


Line Up

  • Pamela David – Vocals
  • Aaron Straub – Guitars
  • John Burnett – Bass
  • Tyler – Drums 




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