WolveSpirit – “Spirit Metal” (2011)


Label : Sleazy Rider Records

Review by Tony Cannella

From Germany, WolveSpirit offers something a little bit different than today’s crop of Female Fronted metal bands.With their debut album “Spirit Metal”, WolveSpirit gives the listener a healthy dose of pure heavy metal, combined with 70s era classic hard rock/heavy metal, to create an album that ironically sounds fresh in today’s metal landscape. The opening duo of “Change” and “Hero” gets the ball rolling. While technically, Debbie is not the greatest vocalist you will ever here, she has got a huge voice loaded with passion and heart, which in some cases is more valuable than technicality. Her voice is just a great metal style, which at times is reminiscent to me of Jutta from the legendary German metal band Zed Yago. Also, the Hammond Organ sound provided by Oli is what helps to give the band their 70s influence. The 3rd track “Ride On” has a very up-tempo style and free spirit to go along with the subject matter. This is just a good song to cruise around to on a gorgeous summer day, with your stereo cranked to 11. Other highlights include: “Wolves of Woden”, “Dune”, “Release” and “Home”. I will always find time for a band like WolveSpirit who plays just no frills, to-the-bone metal and for that reason I can highly recommend “Spirit Metal”.

Rating – 87/100



  1. Change
  2. Hero
  3. Ride On
  4. Wolves of Woden
  5. Night of the Wolve
  6. Light and Shadow
  7. Dune
  8. Release
  9. Home


Line Up

  • Debbie – Vocals
  • Rio – Guitar
  • Oli – Hammond
  • Andy – Bass
  • Wolf- Drums



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