Yotangor – “King of the Universe” (2009)


Label : Brennus Music

Review By Tony Cannella

Yotangor are a melodic, progressive/symphonic metal band from France. The band is a rather large musical ensemble featuring seven members in its current line-up (3 females and 4 males). Their recently issued debut is titled “King of the Universe” and it is a fairly complex concept album spread out over two CDs and 26-songs. For such a young band to take this route on their debut must take courage and confidence in their abilities. After listening to “King of the Universe”, that confidence is well placed.Starting with the intro track “Speech”, the story is set for “King of the Universe”. It is a very cool beginning to the CD and it leads into the ultra-symphonic track “Ouverture”. This is a big sounding track with plenty of bombastic elements and the great vocals of Yngrid Alliéres are highlighted along with the fantastic musicianship that the band displays. The instrumental track “Silent Words” is next and it features a heavy, grinding guitar riff combined with a big symphony-like feel to it. “Try Again” is the first song on the CD that really stands out. It has a killer melody and just a catchy chorus that really sticks with you. I am hesitant to use the word “commercial” in describing this song, but it seems to me that it may have that kind of appeal. The next track “About Love” is the song that the band filmed a video (you can view it on their my space profile), and after listening to the song it is a solid choice for the bands first video. “All We Are” has the feel of a real anthemic song with a big chorus. The beautiful piano ballad “Motherless Child” brings the first disc to its conclusion. The songs are classy and extremely well crafted. Other highlights from the first disc are: “Hangin’ On”, “Another Place” and “Feeling Down”. In my opinion the first disc is slightly better than the second, but taken as a whole body of work this is a pretty cool debut. Some of the best moments from disc 2 include: “The Only Way”, “What Are You Made For”, “Power”, “Shadows” and the closing number “Fly Away”.“King of the Universe” is an ambitious release that is sure to get people in the media and the metal community to sit up and take notice. For a young band to record a debut of this magnitude, they are just opening themselves up for criticism but after listening to “King of the Universe”, even the the most elitist of music fans would have to be impressed. Just a thoroughly enjoyable release that I am sure fans of progressive metal with conceptual overtones will love.

Rating – 90/100



Disc 1

  1. Speech
  2. Ouverture
  3. Silent Words
  4. Try Again
  5. About Love
  6. Hangin’ On
  7. Another Place
  8. Torched Blazed
  9. Drums from the Earth
  10. Our Land
  11. All We Are
  12. Feeling Down
  13. Motherless Child


Disc 2

  1. The Only Way
  2. What Are You Made for
  3. Why
  4. Power
  5. Song for the Sons
  6. Rain
  7. Spirit Dance
  8. The Dome
  9. Time’s Off
  10. Turn Off the Light
  11. Shadows
  12. In This World
  13. Fly Away


 Line Up

  • Yngrid Allières – Lead Vocals
  • Vincent Agar – Lead Guitar
  • Jean-Guy Pichoustre – Rhythm Guitar
  • Vanessa J.Wood – Keyboard & Backing Vocals
  • Corinne “Coxx” Fourment – Keyboard & Backing Vocals
  • Patrice Hernandez – Bass
  • Tony Marcos – Drums



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