Zephyra – “Behave” DEMO (2010)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Zephyra hails from Sweden and they play fairly straight forward metal with some progressive overtones. But make no mistake about it, metal rules on their new demo “Behave”.”Behave” features 6-songs and about 30-minutes worth of heavy metal, complete with buzz saw like riffs and memorable choruses. Vocalist Åsa Netterbrant may not be technically the greatest singer you will ever hear but she more than makes up for it with passion and heart. The individual band members aren’t bad either, as they provide a solid foundation for the songs. The opening trio of “Sore of Duty”, “Stay Forever” and “I Know” gets things going. “No Limit Obsession” is a definite highlight, with Åsa supplying death growls at certain points in the song. “What Doesn’t Kill You…” has a haunting vibe to it and the band shows off a bit of an Iron Maiden influence around the guitar solo. “Behave” concludes with a cover of the song “Russian Roulette” by Rihanna, of all people. Of course Zephyra give it the metal treatment (what else would you expect?). On “Behave”, Zephyra wear their metal-ness on their sleeves but also are not afraid to tackle different influences (like the Rihanna cover for instance).

Rating – 75/100



  1. Sore of Duty
  2. Stay Forever
  3. I Know
  4. No Limit Obsession
  5. What Doesn’t Kill You…
  6. Russian Roulette 


Line Up

  • Åsa Netterbrant – Vocals
  • Henrik Willman – Guitars
  • Daniel Nilsson – Bass
  • Tony Netterbrant – Drums


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