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Jan 1, 2013

INTERVIEW: Mathieu Fiset & Hind Fazazi – Manahil

Interview by Lindz Riot

When people hear of Quebec, Canada they immediately think of Montreal, but to the east lays Quebec City where many good things are happening for Metal and Ambient experimental music alike. There you will find a gem, a diamond in the rough by the name of Manahil. Arabic for “The Sources” they are a duo that describes themselves as “Ambient music for Metal Heads” and from listening to them you can hear the concept. It is very refreshing! Fronted by the soulful and exotic voice of Hind Fazazi alongside piano wiz and musical visionist Mathieu Fiset, they are definitely adding something new to the music world. During their Ontario, Canada tour I have had the privilege to house them and sit down with them to get into their minds about what Manahil is and what they are doing that is so different.

Welcome to Femme Metal guys! Thank you so much for doing this interview with us. It’s a real pleasure. So how are you two liking your Ontario tour so far?

Mathieu: Great ! So far only one show down, but we played here last October with Stream of Passion and Unexpect and that was great. I can’t wait to play Toronto tonight and Oshawa next week with Mary and the Black Lamb and Modified.

Hind: I cannot judge for the moment! But at least, people here are friendly …let’s see if the Toronto gig tonight will be as nice!

How did you two meet?

Mathieu : Through a friend of ours. I asked Hind to come up to record a Steven Wilson cover song just for fun, but we ended creating music with an ambient instrumental track I had. This first song is the opening track of our first album.

Hind: I was fifteen years old at that time, and I already knew Mathieu was a great piano and keyboard player. We tried some covers together, in English first, but then we rapidly decided to experiment something new in Arabic, because we both were curious, open-minded and tired of traditional music!

How did you decide on your sound? Was it a vision or something that just came out through jamming together?

Mathieu: We never planned anything really, but of course with the knowledge that she could sing in Arabic and the fact that I love exotic music, we just ended up doing lots of oriental stuff in the beginning. But later we added the pop, rock, electronic and progressive stuff.

Hind: We just ….let ourselves do whatever we wanted to. We knew that our two energies were going to give something unique. We jammed a lot in the beginning to see what we could create together, and then just continued that way until now!

What are your musical backgrounds?

Mathieu: As a kid I was in love with the soundtracks of my favourite movies and then the music of Alegria from Cirque du Soleil really had an impact on me when I was 5 or 6. I took some piano lessons then stopped because the lessons were not what I imagined it would be. Later on, when I was 14, I started listening to metal so my interest in music came back. At 15 I joined my first metal band and slowly became a professional musician.

Hind: When I was a young little girl living in Morocco, I loved…Celine Dion! Then, when I moved to Quebec, I switched radically to thrash metal, Nu Metal and female fronted metal bands! Slayer, Sepultura, Korn, Within Temptation, Evanescence…afterward, I began to listen to Opeth and opened my mind to non-purely metal music, such as Nine Inch Nail, The Cure and Indian music.

What artists have really influenced Manahil?

Mathieu: That would be a long list! But I can say that my favourite bands are Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Porcupine Tree, Opeth but also some other artists have had a major impact like Peter Gabriel, Rachid Taha and Hans Zimmer.

Hind: For me, singers like Amy Lee, Tori Amos, Norah Jones and Susheela Raman, a folk-indian artist, influenced my interpretation.

You say you are ambient music for metal heads, what do you mean by this statement? Are you both heavily into metal?

Mathieu: Yeah, as you might guess by now, we both listen to a lot of rock and metal music, but we need something to balance it all, so we create kind of an ambient or electronic version of the metal music we want to hear.

Hind: As I have already said, we LOVE metal and listen to metal bands, but we hate to categorize ourselves as metal heads. Also, we don’t want to get bored by doing the same old style all the time and we absolutely adore oriental music and mixing styles that every open-minded metal head should appreciate.

Would you ever consider making Manahil a full band project?

Mathieu: No, because from the beginning we decided Manahil was the two of us, the creative force we are, and not a musical style.So even if we often have collaborators and live musicians, we prefer to keep the basic of Manahil as the two us.

Hind: Manahil, in Arabic, means The Sources, it’s only us two and we are the sources of the music we create!

What has the respond to your music been like in the Province of Quebec?

Mathieu: I don’t really know, to be honest. It’s a positive response for sure, but since it’s a really personal music, everyone feels different to it.

Hind: It’s particular! Manahil is a very introspective music and in a show context, where people are used to scream, it’s weird. It’s as if the crowd finds it special to just listen and let the music enter in their hearts.

Do you think you will be well received in Europe?

Mathieu: I guess!

Hind: I really think so. The North American audience is definitely different. The expectations are different, and I think, honestly, that the cultural aspect will be positive for us. We are a non-typical band, and maybe, I say maybe, it will be fully understood in Europe.

Why do you feel the metal scene in Quebec has been progressing so rapidly as of late compared to the rest of North America? Do you agree with this statement?

Mathieu: I guess it’s mainly because there’s a lot more metal heads in Quebec so with a bigger crowd, you can have more bands, more shows…but I mostly feel there’s too much of the same thing. We certainly have some of the best extreme metal bands in the world.

Hind: I agree with Mathieu on that, particularly in Quebec City…Quebec, metal city! But yeah, there is too much of the same: too much black metal bands, classic Hardcore bands… it’s not very diversified!

Tell me a bit about your new album, where did you record it? Who produced it? What can we expect to hear?

Mathieu: I produced, recorded and mixed it myself, mostly in my home studio but you’ll like to know that we recorded the vocals in Cardinal, Ontario. Musically, it’s a new experiment, more than a new direction. As much as we love the new album, we won’t do the same for the next album, just like every recording we’ve done and will do. It’s even more “Ambient music for Metal heads” than the first album. It’s a deeper, more sophisticated production which I’m really proud of and we went in musical areas that we never dared to explore yet, opening the door for more experiments in the future. We’re growing up I’d say!

Hind: Yeah, the composition of this album was a nice and refreshing experience. First, Mathieu sent me what he had done…the musical tracks sounded less melodic and more electronic to me… I didn’t know, at first, what I could sing on that! Then I experimented to write my melodies in a totally different way, and the result is amazing: a mix of very melodic vocals mixed with dark-electro-industrial-oriental music!

I noticed a hint of a Jazz influence on your most recent EP, can we expect to hear something like that on your next album?

Hind: No, or maybe inconsistently in a few back vocals. We both love jazz, but we already explored what we could do with that on “From Roots to Clouds”, “Alouanou Sama” is totally something else!

Last question: Outside of music, what are your lives like from day to day living?

Mathieu: Music is my day job, but I’d say I don’t play as much as I’d like to. Doing lots of planning, booking, promotion, paper work, I don’t take much time off, but I like to change my mind from time to time playing games and watching stuff on YouTube. I’m a complete nerd, so I don’t have of a much social life.

Hind: I’m going to University, studying philosophy and politics. Those subjects are my main passions with music. I am involved in my community, and I try to be active to promote a provincial political party by the name of Quebec Solidaire. I’m a part time musician, but a full time good citizen, I think. I read a lot and love to party with friends!


Photo Credit

All the photos by Fred Laroche



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Mar 24, 2012

Remembrance – “Fall, Obsidian Night” (2010)

Label : Firedoom Records

Review by Tony Cannella

From France, Remembrance play funeral death/doom metal and have previously released two full-length albums. Their third and latest is called, “Fall, Obsidian Night” and it is their first one to feature new drummer Norman Muller. “Fall, Obsidian Night” also features some of the heaviest and doom-filled riffs I have heard in recent memory – well, since their last one, “Silencing the Moments…”. Remembrance features two vocalists, Carline Van Roos is the female singer, her vocals are clean sounding and sometimes operatic. The male grunt vocals are performed by Mathieu Sachs and this is what you hear on the majority of the CD.There are only 7-songs on, “Fall, Obsidian Night” but the album clocks-in at 51-minutes worth of high calibre Doom metal, with the majority of songs being in the 7-9 minute range, the only exception being the almost 5-minute (mostly) instrumental track, “Our Memories Are Made of Stones”. Album opener, “Ageless Fever” begins with eerie keyboard music as the tune kicks in. The guttural, grunt style of Mathieu are on display for most of the track as the angelic female vocals of Carline adds a bit of a contrast to the song. Remembrance gets even slower and doomier on the next track, “Stone Mirrors”. The heaviness just keeps on coming with, “The Omen”, “Ice-Cold Conscience” and album closer, “Obsidian”. The overall vibe on, “Fall, Obsidian Night” is dark, bleak and foreboding with a wall of sound that is just massive. If you like slow, deliberate and heavy riffing, then Remembrance are the band for you. With, “Fall, Obsidian Night” Remembrance have released a solid and worthy follow-up to “Silencing the Moments…” that fans of that album should love.

Rating – 73/100



  1. Ageless Fever
  2. Stone Mirrors
  3. The Omen
  4. Our Memories Are Made of Stones
  5. Ice-Cold Conscience
  6. Winter Tides
  7. Obsidian

Line Up

  • Carline Van Roos – Keyboards, Vocals, Bass
  • Mathieu Sachs – Guitars, Vocals
  • Norman Muller – Drums



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Feb 19, 2012

Remembrance – “Silencing the Moment…” (2008)

Label : Firedoom Records

Review By Tony Cannella

Carline Van Roos and Mathieu Sachs are very busy people these days. Not only are they part of the French Doom Metal band Lethian Dreams but they also front the band Remembrance also from France. The band describe themselves as funeral doom/death metal, so that should tell you all you need to know about where this band is coming from. Joining Carline (Keyboards, Vocals and Bass) and Mathieu (Guitars and Vocals) in the band is Norman Muller (Drums). The band has just issued their album Silencing The Moments…” and it is a brilliant slice of down-tuned, doom metal of the finest and fiercest order. Like Lethian Dreams, Remembrance‘s “Silencing The Moments…” contains only 6-songs, yet clocks in at 56-minutes long. Most of the songs are between 9 and 12-minutes long. There is a lot of music hear. The song “Thief of Light” starts the doom. With it’s eerie intro that builds to a crescendo as the track kicks in. The majority of the vocals are handled by Mathieu on this song and his style is of the more extreme nature. Carline joins in near the end of the song. The song builds nicely and it really is a great indicator of what Remembrance is all about. “Death Diaries” is next and it begins with a nice keyboard intro before the heaviness kicks in. This song is just out-and-out down tuned heaviness. Once again Mathieu handles most of the vocal duties with Carline providing background and harmony support. This song is very atmospheric and a definite highlight. Track 3 is the title song. “Silencing The Moments…” begins with a nice piano intro and Carline‘s vocals coming in over it. As the heaviness picks up the pace, the vocals of Mathieu comes in and really take over the song. This track is another highlight and it is obvious that Mathieu and Carline have great chemistry together. The next song “These Hallways Are Eternal” is also the shortest at almost 3-minutes long. It features some eery keyboard music with Carline‘s soft voice spoken over it. It creates a cool vibe and offers a bit of a change of pace. The final two songs “Fragments” and “One Reckless Sleep” end things on a heavy, doomy note and are two more highlights and a solid way to bring things to a close.What can I say? With “Silencing The Moments…” Remembrance have put out a solid release that is another fine statement in the doom genre. The songs are well written, well produced and the CD as a whole is very impressive and a great accomplishment for this trio of musicians.

Rating – 75/100



  1. Thief of Light
  2. Death Diaries
  3. Silencing the Moments
  4. These Hallways Are Eternal
  5. Fragments
  6. One Reckless Sleep


Line Up 

  • Matthieu Sachs – Guitars, Vocals
  • Carline Van Roos – Keyboards, Bass, Backing Vocals, Drum Programming
  • Norman Müller – Drums



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Feb 1, 2012

Amphitryon – “Drama” CD/DVD (2009)

Label : Pervade/Manitou/Thundering Records

Review by Tony Cannella

You have to give France’s Amphitryon huge marks for doing something a little different and so ambitious. Their new release is titled “Drama” and it is a live CD/DVD set and really a beautiful package. I will review the CD portion of the set here with the DVD part coming in a separate review.Drama” is quite a complex concept album based on a story from the imagination of guitarist/vocalist Mathieu Scarpa. Completing the line-up in Amphitryon are: Laurent Desvignes (Guitar,Vocals), Sarah Barisèle (Vocals, Flute), Barbara Haignere (Vocals, Flute), Gianni Leone (Bass, Vocals, Percussion) and Christophe Demazeux (Drums). The band play some truly complex avant-garde metal, with some elements of doom and death metal fitting into the equation. As already mentioned, “Drama” is a live CD/DVD. The studio versions of these songs can be found on their 2006 CD “Sumphokeras”. The intro track “Archeia” starts things off and it is successful in creating a definite aura and theatrical vibe. This leads us into the next track “Theocracy”. The mix of the harsh male vocals with the pretty, operatic female vocals provided by Sarah Barisèle and Barbara Haignere are pretty cool. Of course it’s nothing that hasn’t been done before, but the way it is presented gives it a fresh and exciting feel. The pounding rhythms near the end of this track are quite simply crushing as the song gets heavier and speeds up near the end. “Omen” is next and it begins with a melancholic guitar riff and the clean male vocals come in and soon give way to the harsh male vocals. The vocal styles are split pretty evenly between harsh male vocals, clean male vocals and the soprano female vocals. The vocals have an almost choir-like feel on this one. This was a definite highlight for me. The harsh male vocals are quite good as well. Sometimes you either like that style or you don’t, with Amphitryon the harsh male vocals are done in such a way that they don’t overwhelm anything, you can pretty much understand every word and it blends in nicely with the other styles. The next track is the instrumental “Cadence of the Rowers”. The drums have a tribal feel to them and they are mixed with arabian-like rhythms and then the heavy guitar riffs accompanied by the flute join in and make this quite a unique track and an instrumental that does a nice job in keeping your attention. It builds and builds and leads us into the next track “Armadas Conflict” which begins with a cool riff and the female vocals once again come in before they give way to the harsh vocals. “Saundeha” is only about 1 and a half minute long and features some eerie organ music accompanied by some chanting and it leads us to the next track “Pantheon”. This is probably my favorite song. There is so much going on in this track that you have to love the complexity. The CD is completed by a trio of epic numbers. “Paths of Dementia”, “Phthoneros Daimon” and “Samsara” all clock in at 8, 9 and 10 minutes respectively and it brings the CD portion on this set to a close after 57-minutes. Amphitryon are a band that are sure to evoke mixed opinions from metal fans. It’s true they can be a challenge to listen to, but for fans who are looking for something a little different and indeed conceptual, than I would wholeheartedly recommend taking up the challenge with Amphitryon. It is definitely a challenge worth accepting.

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