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Apr 5, 2014
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Stream of Passion – “A War of Our Own” (2014)

Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Originally starting out in 2005 as an Arjen Lucassen project, the band Stream of Passion has evolved into so much more. With their 4th album, “A War of Our Own” that evolution continues…

“A War of Our Own” is a 13-song, 1 hour musical journey that showcases what fans have grown to love about this symphonic/gothic metal band. Not the least of which are the dramatic and beautiful vocals of Marcela Bovio. Each song is meticulously crafted and is nice additions to the growing SOP catalogue. The opening track “Monster” is like a monster out of the gate. The song features some huge riffs at the beginning but shifts tempos throughout and is just plain stunning – and the best song. You have to love Marcela’s voice; she’s much underrated, in my opinion. Continue reading »

Feb 5, 2014

Eve’s Fall – “From Here On” (2013)

Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Eve’s Fall is a melodic hard rock and metal band from The Netherlands. The band formed in 2012 and in a short amount of time has released their debut album, “From Here On”. The impressive thing about Eve’s Fall is their ability to mix catchy pop hooks and accessible melodies within a hard rock and metal framework. “From Here On” features plenty of that in abundance.

“Her Absence” opens things with a straight-forward riff as the soaring vocals of Liesbeth Cordia join in. This song features a great melody and pace. “No Compassion” picks up right where the previous song left off and is another quality number with a great, memorable chorus and melody. Continue reading »

Feb 2, 2014

La Ventura – “White Crow” (2013)

Label: Ravenheart Records/Valkyrie Rising

Review by Tony Cannella

La-Ventura is a melodic hard rock/metal band from The Netherlands. They formed in 2007 and released their debut album, “A New Beginning”. Now the band returns with their sophomore effort “White Crow”.

“White Crow” features 40-minutes of infectiously melodic, guitar driven, hard rock and metal. La-Ventura has no delusions about what they do and their songs draw you in instantly. Right from the start, the opening track “Falling Down” is an excellent way to open things and the band proves they have a great ear for melody – which their songs have an abundance of. Song like “Human Vanity”, “Song for an Idiot” (great title), and the track “White Crow” are all solid and showcases what La-Ventura are capable of. Continue reading »

Jan 31, 2014

Frank Schiphorst – MaYan


Interview by Laura Medina

Dutch Symphonic Death Metal band MaYaN will be releasing their follow-up album to 2012’s “Quarterpast,” with their heaviest, extreme to date album,“Antagonise” that is due out on Jan 31 (EU), Feb 3 (UK) & Feb 4, 2014 (US) via Nuclear Blast Records. Founded by Guitarist/vocalist Mark Jansen (Epica), Keyboardist Jack Driessen (Former After Forever) and Guitarist Frank Schiphorst (Former Symmetry) in 2010, MaYaN combines two types of music elements: Symphonic and death metal. If you could describe MaYaN and the upcoming release of “Antagonise” it would be BRUTAL! I got the pleasure and honor to chat with Frank to discuss the upcoming release of “Antagonise”, MaYaN’s future tour plans, what fans can expect at their CD release parties in the Netherlands and what was it like sharing the stage with famous musicians from all types of metal at the Christmas Metal Symphony concerts. Stay tuned here at Femme Metal Webzine to see what else Frank had to say in our little chat.  Who’s ready for the year of MaYaN?!! Continue reading »
Nov 10, 2013

Sin7sinS – “Carnival of No Tomorrow” (2012)

Label: S7S Records

Review by Tony Cannella

On their 2010 debut album “Perversion LTD.”, the Dutch melodic Gothic metal band Sin7sinS hit the mark with an impressive debut, now with their sophomore album “Carnival of No Tomorrow”, the band has reached another gear.

The ominous intro to the opening track “Brimstone Ignition” gives way to some slamming guitars as the clean vocals of Lotus joins in. She is accompanied by some male vocals on this opening track. In addition to Lotus – who is the focal point of the band – she is surrounded by some solid musicians. The next track “Sick of You” is brimming with attitude and a killer melody; this instantly became a favorite. “Pornstar Love” keeps things on course and has an electronic vibe to it on parts of the song. Continue reading »

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