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Oct 22, 2013

Sinheresy – “Paint the World” (2013)

Label: Bakerteam Records

Review by Tony Cannella

“Paint the World” is the full-length debut from the Italian power metal band Sinheresy. They already made a positive impression with their 2011 EP “The Spiders and the Butterfly” and with this new full-length the band has certainly raised the bar to an even higher level.

The orchestral opening to “Last Fall” segues into full-on power metal riffing and the power metal vocals of male singer Stefano Sain starts off before Cecilia Petrini joins in with her soaring vocals on the chorus. This is song is just a heavy-as-hell exercise in top-notch power metal. “The Gambler” follows seamlessly with more straight-forward, hard charging riffs and “Paint the World” continues to find its groove. Cecilia takes the lead on this track with some hefty contributions from Stefano and this is a song that packs some serious heaviness combined with a combustible melody and those riffs are just huge. Continue reading »

Apr 26, 2012

Sinheresy – “The Spiders and the Butterfly” EP (2011)

Independent Release/Revalve Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Italy’s Sinheresy began in 2009 as a Nightwish cover band before they started playing their own original music. In 2010 they released a two song demo and have now followed that up with this five song EP titled “The Spiders and the Butterfly”. Despite the fact that Sinheresy started as a Nightwish cover band, in their current incarnation they are far from a clone of the popular Finnish band. Sure, there are a lot of similar qualities between the two, symphonic orchestral music and a first class operatic female vocalist is two things that come to mind. That vocalist is Cecilia Petrini and she is joined on male vocals by Stefano Sain. The pair makes a good team and split the vocals pretty evenly. Cecilia actually reminds me more of Simone Simons from Epica than Tarja Turunen and Stefano’s voice is more of a straight-ahead metal style, but he also adds some roughness and aggression to his vocals as well. The songs on “The Spiders and the Butterfly” are mostly up-tempo and heavy. “Temptation Flame” is the first song and one of the better ones. The next two songs “The Spiders and the Butterfly” and “Merciless Game” definitely hit the mark before the ballad “Forever Us” calm things down a bit. The work between the two vocalists is extraordinary; the two possesses some serious chemistry. The melodic “When Darkness Falls” ends things with a bang, not a whimper. Sinheresy has done a massively impressive job on their debut EP. Sometimes, symphonic power metal can be a hit-or-miss proposition, but on “The Spiders and the Butterfly”, Sinheresy nailed it.

Rating – 89/100



  1. Temptation Flame
  2. The Spiders and the Butterfly
  3. Merciless Game
  4. Forever Us
  5. When Darkness Falls


Line Up

  • Cecilia Petrini – Vocals & Piano
  • Stefano Sain – Vocals
  • Lorenso Pasutto – Guitars
  • Daniele Girardelli – Keyboards
  • Davide Sportiello – Bass & Keyboards
  • Alex Vescovi – Drums



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