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Mar 14, 2014
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Magistina Saga – “The Tone of Temptation” MINI ALBUM (2012)

Label: Starwave Records

Review by Tony Cannella

From Japan, Magistina Saga’s second mini-album is titled “The Tone of Temptation”. Released in November 2012, the mini album features seven songs worth of symphonic metal. “The Tone of Temptation” may be only 25-minutes in length but it offers a pretty good sample of what Magistina Saga has to offer. Musically the band is solid and the songs are symphonic and dramatic. The songs are sung in their native Japanese language and they feature numerous tempo changes and are classically crafted and written. Highlights include: “Ideal Reality” and “After Artifice”.

I have never been familiar with Magistina Saga before. Continue reading »

Jan 31, 2014

Within Temptation – “Hydra” (2014)

Label: BMG Rights Management/Dramatico/Victor Entertaiment Japan

Review by Tony Cannella

When the Iconic Dutch metal band Within Temptation released the EP “Paradise” featuring a duet with Tarja a few months ago it built the anticipation for their new album “Hydra” which is exactly what it was meant to do. Well, “Hydra” has just been released and was it worth the wait? Is it any good? The answer is yes, and yes. The thing that I have always loved about WT is that after all these years (this is their 6th album, I believe) they have always managed to grow, evolve and push things a little bit further. Each album has its own vibe and life and “Hydra” is no different.

“Let Us Burn” is the opener and has a great up-tempo, melodic base to set the table. The next three songs feature collaborations from varying ends of the music spectrum. Continue reading »

Oct 21, 2013

Within Temptation – “Paradise (What’s About Us)” EP (2013)

Label: Dramatico Entertaintment

Review by Tony Cannella

What a treat this turned out to be. The collaboration between two of the most iconic female singers in metal was eagerly anticipated (by me anyway). On their new EP “Paradise (What About Us?)” the Dutch band Within Temptation joins forces with Tarja Turunen on the excellent title song and it is a match made in Femme Metal heaven.

In addition to the title song, “Paradise” also comes with three demo versions of new songs, which will presumably be on the next Within Temptation album. But the song and video that has everyone talking is “Paradise (What About Us?)”. This song is a melding of two phenomenal singers who bring different styles to the table but also go about their business cohesively – neither one tries to show up the other and neither tries to hog the spotlight. Continue reading »

Jun 12, 2013

Anneke Van Giersbergen

Interview by Grace Méridian, Kassandra Novell & Lindsay Schoolcraft

Video by Mary Zimmer

Here what we present you is a special interview done by the Eve’s Apple (Don’t you know what is? Just take a peek here!) members Grace Méridan (Lifeaftergod), Kassandra NovellLindsay Schoolcraft & Mary Zimmer (Luna Mortis). First of all I thank the girls for this awesome interview and if you wanna enjoy the video experience, please check out here but we must warn we that there’s a little mistake that we cannot fix, we hope you like it the same.
Then we come to the special guest – we’re talking about Anneke Van Giersbergen. The fantastic Dutch singer, after her departure from The Gathering, has slowly built a solo career with her 5 albums. The girls interviewed Anneke during her short trip in US, on March in Chicago. Beside the girls, I want to personally thank Mr.Rob Snijders for helping us setting this interview up. Well, after this short intro it’s time to read the interview, so enjoy it!

Grace: I’m Grace Meridan and we’re here interview Anneke van Giersbergen for Femme Metal and Eve’s Apple. So, Hi Anneke, pleased to meet you. Continue reading »

Jan 30, 2013

Dutch Symphonic Rock superstars WITHIN TEMPTATION issued a new statement about the upcoming album

Dutch Symphonic Rock superstars WITHIN TEMPTATION issued a new statement about the upcoming album, read below :

“Hi everyone,

We have been, and we are still hiding in our studios since winter started. With every writing session new things are happening. We are experimenting a lot and are trying to hold on to this magical feeling. We are looking forward to the moment that we can share with you where this journey has taken us. Continue reading »

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