Label: Despotz Records

Review by Alessandra Cognetta

Adna is the solo project of the 19-year-old Swedish artist Adna Kadic. Despite her young age, Adna has already relased an EP, performed on important stages and gained critical acclaim for her work. “Night” is her first album, 9 dark, dreamy-pop tracks that were recorded in just five nights. As cliché as it may sounds, it is indeed music from and for the night, with chilling tunes and Adna‘s low voice, a relaxing lullaby that won’t shy away from moments of “louder” pathos, like on “The Prettiest”. The album mixes with great care acoustic elements, electronics and it’s not unlikely to hear some strings here and there.

The album starts off with the gloomy but catchy sounds of “Dreamer”, a song that perfectly sets the mood for the rest of the album. It’s followed by the light piano riff of “Limit” and the quiet “Nightbreeze”. “Falling” picks up the pace with its percussions and rhythmic bass sounds, aided by steadier vocals, compared to the more melodic lines we can find in some of the other tracks. One thing that is always present is the backing vocals, used to support the main voice here, to achieve a mat effect there, and in general one of the distinctive and soothing elements of the album. “Running” is another song that progresses from the first quiet notes to the heartfelt culmination at the end, breaking the calmer atmosphere but never exaggerating. It is also a perfect introduction for what is, probably, the best song on “Night”, the homonymous title-track. An acoustic song with haunting vocals, compelling lyrics and only a couple of instruments, but well-placed instruments nonetheless. “Thoughts” is, unfortunately I’d say, the last track of the album and it’s probably the best way to conclude the nice work that has been carried out during those five nights of recordings. The short span of time didn’t prevent Adna from giving each song its personal identity, through lyrics and composition, and to deliver emotional vocals with good interpretation and, one of the most important things, that convey feelings.

“Night” is a good debut album, that shows Adna‘s great potential for future works. It’s a relaxing album that is indeed best listened to during the night, but it’s far from being some nameless atmospheric music to help you concentrate while you work. It’s music that gives every instrument, voice included, the right place in the song, never taking over. It gives room for contemplation: it’s music that has something to say.

Rating -85/100


  1. Dreamer
  2. Limit
  3. Nightbreeze
  4. The Prettiest
  5. Rain
  6. Falling
  7. Running
  8. Night
  9. Thoughts



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