Label: Kaiku Recordings

Review by CriX

The Finnish star of melodic pop Johanna Kurkela has released her 7th full-lenght album “Ingrid” last November. An emotional album rich of feelings in which many people have worked harmoniously; the lyrics were written by Saara Törmä and Johanna‘s vocals fits perfectly with that unique melancholy. One of the things I really love about this album is the piano which is omnipresent in every track and the pianist Antti Pitkäjärvi knows how touch the soul with the music. The first track released is “Kuolevainen”, catchy and melancholic at the same time, on which Johanna‘s poetic voice expresses perfectly the feelings and the words. “Rakkaus tekee vapaaks” is that kind of song that can you give goosebumps to anyone and instead the title-track creates a beautiful atmosphere with its catchy tune. “Eudail, Eudail, na gabh cúram” are singing the whispering voices in one of the most interesting songs of this album, “Suojelkaa mua”. This album can be the soundtrack of every person who faces hard times, feelings emerge as waterfalls listening to these songs. The booklet at the end quotes a sentence by Patrick Rothfuss: “This story is for all the slightly broken people out there. I am one of you. You are not alone. You are all beautiful to me”.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Kuolevainen
  2. Maailman valtiaat
  3. Rakkaus tekee vapaaks
  4. Yksinäisyys
  5. Kiertokulku
  6. Ingrid
  7. Olkaa kilttejä
  8. Ystäväin
  9. Ei panikoida
  10. Suojelkaa mua
  11. Rauha rakkaani



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