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Review by Luisa Mercier

Most talented Phildel is back, after her stunning spring debut “The Disappearance of the Girl”, with the new release, the EP “The Glass Ghost”. The title immediately evokes images of ice, water, wintry skies that perfectly fits the moods of the season we are living currently. She is always ready to try something new and in this record, as per title, she incorporated glass sounds in the music, modifying them through synths. You can clearly hear them in the heavenly intro and the title-track, a revamped version of the old demo “Ghost”. The arrangement is now rich, layered, sumptuous but catchy and accessible at the same time. The mood is not necessarily sad, but quite lively instead. The following is the single “Comfort Me”, a melancholic, moving track. It is accompanied by a simple, but yet striking video. She is the perfect example of someone who managed to replace money and grand productions with creativity, achieving stunning results. The eerie “Celestial” again shows us how she used new elements in her music, beats and glass sounds mix with angelical background vocals, while the main vocal line floats like snow in the sky. You will fall in love with such masterpiece, no doubt about that. “Porcelain” is a traditional piano driven ballad. Only vocals and the instrument playing under her hands. Lovely. The EP is closed by the Delerium remix of “Comfort Me”, which is slightly dance, nonetheless retaining the moody atmosphere of the original. Anyway, you might like it or not, the core of the record is the music that pours out of her soul, you can feel that is pure like the snow that is such great part behind the inspiration of “The Glass Ghost”.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Heaven: An Introduction
  2. The Glass Ghost
  3. Comfort Me
  4. Celestial
  5. Porcelain
  6. Comfort Me (Delerium remix)


Line Up

  • Phildel – Vocals, Songwriting



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