Label: Drag City

Review by Warren Mayocchi

In 2016 Cate Le Bon released “Crab Day”. Four offcuts from the album have been collected and released on the “Rock Pool” EP. This EP is full of punk like indie pop with bare instrumentation, jangly guitars, and surreal moments of something unexpected. While the backing music has a strong base melody with regular interjections of the quirky, the vocals are in the spotlight. Cate Le Bon delivers in a half-sung style which dominates every song and loosely stays within the bounds of the melody. I could imagine her singing along to the backing track as she is driving through a busy city on a sunny day, having fun, getting distracted, making up lyrics, and changing mood on a whim. If you have not heard of Cate before it would be best to start with the music video for “Rock Pool” and other songs from the “Crab Day” album. This EP will be best for existing fans of Cate Le Bon, as her style is likely to attract a distinguished but limited following, and new listeners should probably start with one of her albums.

Rating – 74/100



  1. Aside From Growing Old
  2. Rock Pool
  3. Perfume Days
  4. I Just Wanna Be Good