Delta Rae – “After It All” (2015)


Label: Sire/Warner Music

Review by Luisa Mercier

It was the spring of 2012 when I got this album from an unknown band so I could review it. I had never been a fan of US folk/country, so I was quite skeptical about the fact I could like Delta Rae and their debut “Carry the Fire” and never been more glad to be wrong. After a couple of listens I literally fell in love with the girls and boys vocals and their beautiful mix of genres that has its roots in folk, but embraces rock, Americana and a lot more.

For those that do not know them yet, I will briefly mention that they are a band of six members: four vocalists (Hölljes brothers and sister plus Elizabeth) and Mike and Grant on drums and bass. This really talented bunch of people now brings to us their sophomore effort and I can say that they surpassed themselves improving the already amazing debut. There were some changes in style that led to a heavier sound due to a prominent addition of electric guitar and to a more symphonic approach with the use of a lot of strings. I am very happy about both of them, since I have a background that is strongly linked to symphonic metal so I really got what I wanted.

Also the vocals slightly changed, especially Brittany Hölljes that in some tracks (“Scared”, “Run”) attempted some sort of opera vocals that I love.When I talk about a heavier sound, I refer to songs like “Bethlehem Steel”, that clearly hints to rock as they never did before also from a vocal point of view, and to the reworked version of “Chasing Twisters” (already present on the EP released in 2014) which is made even more epic. If you think you will miss the creepy vibe present on their hit “Bottom of the River”, you are wrong: just listen to “The Dream” and the revamped “I Will Never Die”, that I already adored in its original version with its doomish/stoner sound. Mellower moments are to be found in “My Whole Life Long”, a sweet song Ian used to propose to his girlfriend on stage and in the title track, a melancholic acoustic ballad. If you haven’t yet, please check them out and if you already know them, you could not agree that this is a great comeback.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Anthem
  2. Run
  3. Outlaws
  4. The Dream
  5. Scared
  6. Chasing Twisters
  7. Bethlehem Steel
  8. Dead End Road
  9. You’re The One for Me
  10. Cold Day in Heaven
  11. I Will Never Die
  12. The Meaning of It All
  13. After It All
  14. Any Better Than This (bonus)


Line Up

  • Brittany Hölljes – Vocals
  • Elizabeth Hopkins – Vocals
  • Ian Hölljes – Vocals, guitar
  • Eric Hölljes – Vocals, piano, keyboards, guitar
  • Grant Emerson – Bass
  • Mike McKee – Drums




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