Jessie Ware – “Devotion” [The Gold Edition] (2013)


Label : Cherrytree Records/Island Records/Universal

Review by Jesse StClaire

In today’s pop music, the bass is down low, the tempo is fast and the vocals are processed to elaborate extremes. With this environment, a slower, smoldering album like “Devotion” by Jessie Ware truly stands out and shine. “Devotion” for the most part, has a very stripped down production to let Jessie’s haunting voice shine through. The vast majority of the album are reserved mid-tempo songs with hauntingly beautiful vocals. The best example of this are the three kick-off singles, “Running”, “110” and “Wildest Moments”. They give a very clear glimpse at the album without revealing the true beauty hidden within it.

Another major theme on the album are songs with a 90’s retrovibe. Most noticeably “Swan Song”, “Sweet Talk” and the title-track. All of those songs could easily have been found on crowded dancefloors the better part of twenty years ago. Another retro sounding song is the experimental “Still Love Me”, which sounds like the product of a Trent Reznor and Bjork collaboration. It is driven by distorted percussion and Jessie’s voice takes a more dominate role in the song.

The truly beautiful moments happen in “Night Light” and “Taking in Water”. “Night Light” has dark distorted cellos, with heavier guitars giving a very gothic, dark feel. Jessie has no reservations in her voice and lets go for the first and only time on the album. “Taking in Water” is a moving ballad filled with desperation and beauty. It has Sade-like vocals and understated electronics bubbling underneath. It also holds the most beautiful lyrics on the album

Rating – 90/100



  1. Devotion
  2. Wildest Moments
  3. Running
  4. Still Love Me
  5. No To Love
  6. Night Light
  7. Swan Song
  8. Sweet Talk
  9. Taking In Water
  10. Something Inside
  11. Imagine It Was Us
  12. Wildest Moments (ASAP Rocky Remix)


Line Up

  • Jessie Ware – Vocals


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