Label: Bella Union

Review by Warren Mayocchi

Shimmering evocations of emotion. There are albums which make the inner you feel like another instrument in the band. Lanterns on the Lake have made one of those albums with “Beings”. Instrumentally there are four core members of the band who use guitars, drums and piano. One additional member brings violin, cello and viola. Vocally Hazel Wilde has a voice that can croon or command, though I feel that the vocal is an equal partner to the instruments in this band – they all have something important to say. The sounds they create together are generally medium paced, a more rock oriented version of Tori Amos from her “Little Earthquakes” period would be a reasonable reference point if a you have never heard of the band.

Individually the songs have a distinctive sound. There are music videos for “Faultlines” here  and “Through the Cellar Door” here. Both of those songs are relatively upbeat but do demonstrate the mood of the album. Those two songs are included in my favorites, I also like the shoegaze style of “Stuck For an Outline” and the building piano driven beauty combined with a stunning vocal on “The Crawl”. The album when listened to as a whole is an immersive experience. Put the headphones on, turn the volume up and go where the music takes you.

“Beings” is a great album with fantastic standout songs. The more upbeat tracks will fit into the playlist for any mood, the slower tracks may better suit a more contemplative moment and the entire album will be appropriate whenever good music is required.

Rating – 88/100



  1. Of Dust & Matter
  2. I’ll Stall Them
  3. Faultlines
  4. The Crawl
  5. Send Me Home
  6. Through the Cellar Door
  7. Beings
  8. Stepping Down
  9. Stuck for an Outline
  10. Inkblot


Line Up

  • Hazel Wilde – Vocals, Guitar & Piano
  • Paul Gregory – Guitar & Production
  • Bob Allan – Bass
  • Angela Chan – Violin/ Cello/ Viola (Additional/associated member)
  • Ol Ketteringham – Drums & Piano





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