Label: Chess Club Records/RCA Victor/Sony Music

Review by Luisa Mercier

is a Danish singer songwriter, the last of my many discoveries from the lands of snow in Northern Europe. Her true name is Karen Marie Ørsted, while just means “maiden” in her native language. I must say that her musical career in the beginning followed another path, since she started in rap five years ago and still some influences are to be found in her music. The album, “No Mythologies to Follow” has been produced by Ronni Vindhahl and it features several influences. As told above, rap is one of greatest love and this can be clearly heard in the production, while the music spans from synth pop like in “Slow Love” which has an 80’s vibe, to more atmospheric stuff like “Dust Is Gone” which I recognize could be a Lana Del Rey track, very smooth and emotional.There are also r’n’b hints and reggae influences like in “Walk This Way” and with “Don’t Wanna Dance” we are back to ’90s pop, as Spice Girls are one of her childhood idols. Summing up, this is a really variegated album which will appeal to various tastes and it is beautifully crafted. Really recommended if you are into indie pop.

Rating – 75/100



  1. Fire Rides
  2. Maiden
  3. Never Wanna Know
  4. Red in The Grey
  5. Pilgrim
  6. Don’t Wanna Dance
  7. Waste of Time
  8. Dust Is Gone
  9. XXX 88
  10. Walk This Way
  11. Slow Love
  12. Glass



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