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Review by Luisa Mercier

Previously known as The Fury, Paige & Palermo is the a project that involves two talented artists: Jennifer Page, voice of the ’90s hit “Crush” and young singer-songwriter Coury Palermo. She does not need introduction, while I came to know him through his Sleepthief collaboration “World Gone Crazy”, but Coury already has released a solo record and various other collaborations that feature his distinctive velvet voice. I am not a fan of male vocals, but he is the exception together with a handful few.
The EP is a very well balanced mix of styles that show how the two vocalists blend perfectly, intertwining vocal melodies that are both catchy and elegant. I have mentioned the variety of styles because you get pop-rock with the opener “Walk Slow”, that also has electronic touches, but immediately switches to a more acoustic, mellow mood with “Wrong” and very romantic with “Save Me”. The song has a beautiful keyboard background that is the perfect match for the beautiful vocals of Jennifer and Coury“Belong” is more upbeat, electronic and sexy, I would say slightly danceable. Available with a free remix by Chad North, the closing track “Losing You” is a melancholic pop, classy song with a driving chorus. I really recommend to give a chance to this duo, it might appeal a varied audience, I have also seen metalheads appreciating them!

Rating – 80/100



  1. Walk Slow
  2. Wrong
  3. Save Me
  4. Belong
  5. Losing You
  6. Losing You (Chad North Remix)


Line Up

  • Coury Palermo – vocals, songwriting
  • Jennifer Paige – vocals, songwriting



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