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Review by Luisa Mercier

After the “Stay” EP that I already had the privilege to appreciate in the past weeks, now Jennifer Paige and Coury Palermo have released the follow-up to that little gem. “Go” keeps the same features that made the previous EP so valuable, first of all the variety in styles.

Hence, the opener “Against the World” is an uptempo, ultra catchy and classy song with electro-pop and rock pop hints, while “Like Fire” is a delicate, sweet acoustic ballad which reminds me of Coury solo works.

It highlights his soft voice together with Jennifer one which entwine with each other, especially in the chorus. While “Like Fire” was more focused on male vocals, “For You” let Jennifer shine with Coury appearing in the chorus. It is another romantic song I would love to dedicate to someone one day.  The last two track are remixes of “Walk Slow” that was found in the “Stay” EP and of “Against the World”. The first is by Tim Kellett and gives a lounge/chill influence to the song while Chad North remixed the second. The result is minimal, danceable and I am sure it will find fans among the dance floor addicted.

Rating – 75/100



  1. Against the World
  2. Like Fire
  3. For You
  4. Walk Slow 12” Extended Dub  (Tim Kellett remix)
  5. Against The World (Chad North remix)


Line Up

  • Coury Palermo – vocals, songwriting
  • Jennifer Paige – vocals, songwriting



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